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How to Free Jacob From the Cage in The Quarry (Chapter 8)


There is no question that the Quarry Jacob task is one of the most difficult difficulties in the game. This is due to the fact that the entire premise of the puzzle is not evident from the very beginning. Don’t worry, we made it through the night in Supermassive Games’ latest terrifying video game, and now we’re here to tell you all about it in the hopes that it will make your own experience in Hackett’s Quarry a lot more enjoyable. In Chapter 8 of “The Quarry,” Jacob is held captive inside a cage, and this walkthrough will show you how to free yourself from the confines of the cage. So let’s get started:

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How to Free Jacob From the Cage in The Quarry (Chapter 8)

In the case that you find yourself entangled in a few decisions that result in Jacob being captured by the hunters, you will finally have the opportunity to release Jacob from his captivity. To accomplish this, you will need to make use of an electrical panel that is notoriously difficult to understand, all while keeping in mind which doors belong where. However, there is no need to be concerned because the answer, which consists of a few easy steps, is provided below.

While keeping an eye on the board, the following is the correct sequence in which to pull the levers:

  • Breaker 3
  • Breaker 2

How to Free Jacob From the Cage in The Quarry (Chapter 8)

This unlocks the door in the middle. After then, the game will inquire as to whether or not you would like to proceed or quit. If you decide to proceed, you can then make use of the following:

  • Breaker 2
  • Breaker 1

How to Free Jacob From the Cage in The Quarry (Chapter 8)

That wraps it up! The Love’s Labours Lost path will be modified to indicate that “Ryan successfully opened Jacbo’s cage, so liberating him,” and Jacob will be released from the cage that he was held in while he was in The Quarry.

How to Free Jacob From the Cage in The Quarry (Chapter 8)

That wasn’t that difficult, was it? The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that since you must always use two breakers, you cannot simply use Breaker 3 to unlock that one door. The right doors are numbers 5 and 3, which means the equation is 3+2 followed by 2+1. The most important thing to remember is to stay away from Breaker 4, as it is directly connected to the entrance where the werewolf is being held captive.

By opening door 4, Jacob will, in a word, be put in a vulnerable position. After then, it is possible that the character you are using will make an attempt to flee, which will result in Jacob being left vulnerable. You also have the option of not attempting to free him at all and skipping this puzzle altogether, though doing so will be contingent on the type of playthrough you’re following and whether or not you have any interest in the character at all. If you do decide to attempt to free him, however, you will have to solve this puzzle. Having saying that, setting the werewolf free is going to result in its own distinct set of repercussions.

If you are wondering what happens to the cages after you solve The Quarry Jacob problem, the answer is that, in my experience, Laura ended up opening them later on during an encounter. If you are intrigued about this, you can read more about it here. She shatters an electrical panel in an effort to create a diversion, but in the process, she frees the prisoners from their confinement. In point of fact, the werewolf is set free during the operation, which means that you are going to have to deal with them in the future.

Regarding how Jacob finds himself in this predicament, the answer to that question hinges on the outcomes of his forays into the forest. Because I got along well with the hunters, I didn’t mind when they threw blood on his face. This, by the way, is a good method to ensure that he stays alive. I was friends with the hunters. But in the end, he fell victim to the bear trap, and although I didn’t exercise any self-control at any point, the conclusion is still rather awful in either case.


What happens if you let Jacob out of the cage?

If Jacob were to die as a result of your actions in Chapter 9, it would be because you either did not let him out of the cage or opened the wrong side of the cage.

Who is hardest to save in The Quarry?

Emma Mountebank

Emma is a character that poses a significant challenge to save in the highly anticipated horror game because there are at least five different ways in which she could perish.

Can you romance in The Quarry?

If you are playing The Quarry with the intention of witnessing a romance that isn’t between two straight people, you are in luck – provided that you make the appropriate decisions. Despite the fact that none of the characters openly discuss their sexual orientation, it is obvious that Ryan is at least into men and women, and that Dylan is interested in men.

What happens if you pick Jacob for Truth or dare?

If you choose Jacob, Ryan will challenge him to leap over the firepit while nude, but this challenge is eventually nixed since it is deemed too risky, and the game continues; hence, there is a rather obvious option here: Pick Kaitlyn. Ryan will inquire as to whether or not she has ever had sexual relations with Jacob. Ryan is going to quiz her on her childhood ambitions and find out what she wants to do with her life.

Can you prevent Nick from getting bitten The Quarry?

It is, however, absolutely possible for Nick to be saved and, in the end, healed of the werewolf curse if he makes the appropriate choices and actions throughout each Chapter of The Quarry. This is the case for all of the characters in the story.