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How To Get A Bow in Dying Light 2


In Dying Light 2, Aiden has access to a wide selection of unique firearms that he can employ to eliminate zombies. There are a few more interesting ones that last a little bit longer and it is important to keep an eye out for them because even though the most of these are throwaway and easy to break, there are a few that are worth looking for.

One example of this is the bow, which has its own category of weapons to choose from in Dying Light 2. There are several of them spread out over the game, but the first one you come across will be somewhere about the middle when you reach the Central Loop, which is the second map in the game. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to obtain a Bow in Dying Light 2.

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How To Get A Bow in Dying Light 2

Unlock A Bow In Dying Light 2

As a reward for completing the “Let’s Waltz” objective, the first bow in Dying Light 2 will become available for you to unlock. This is the final story task that must be completed before you can unlock the game’s second, much larger area. It is a rather lengthy quest that takes place. After following Waltz through a tunnel and across a bridge, you will eventually come face to face with Lawan, one of the game’s primary protagonists.

How To Get A Bow in Dying Light 2

Following a brief pursuit scene, you and Lawan will arrive at a series of tunnels, at which point the quest will come to a conclusion. After you have successfully finished the objective, your inventory will have the bow as well as the blueprints for a variety of different sorts of arrows. It is important to take note that the following mission, “A Place to Call Home,” will initiate itself immediately after that one finishes.

The bow is one of the only options for a long-range weapon in Dying Light 2, along with the crossbow, which is also quite difficult to locate. Given that there are no guns in the game’s universe, this makes sense. Because it does not become less effective with repeated usage, which is one of its primary advantages, you can continue to use it so long as you still have ammunition.

Arrows are its ammunition, and you can either make them yourself or find them in various places around the planet. If you intend to focus on long-range fighting, there are a number of abilities in the parkour skill tree that you will want to gain. These talents include ones that allow you to parkour while wielding the bow and ones that allow you to aim down the sights while doing so.

Unlock The Paper Clip Bow In Dying Light 2

Even while the bow you obtain during the “Let’s Waltz” side quest can be used, it is by no means the most powerful weapon in the game. The “Paper Clip” bow is the second-best one in the game, and it can also be acquired by completing one of the game’s main tasks.

How To Get A Bow in Dying Light 2

During the task “The Shoe,” you’ll have the opportunity to find the Paper Clip. Lawan will ask you to visit her residence and locate a pair of shoes that she can borrow for her. When you enter her room and go through the shoebox, the Paper Clip bow will be located sitting on the shelf that is directly across from her bed. You just need to pick it up to add it to your inventory, and immediately after doing so, you will have a bow that is far more powerful.

Where to Find More Arrows in Dying Light 2

The bodies of human foes who were killed by an attack with a bow are the ideal places to look for additional arrows because they are likely to be there. It’s possible that you won’t have enough materials to make the next batch of arrows you need. Therefore, your best bet is to search for them on foes who did carry bows in their inventory.

There are many different kinds of arrows, and each one has its own unique impact. You don’t just have the regular arrows; you also have ones that can poison your foes, set them on fire, and even turn them into zombies. You will need ten scraps and a feather in order to construct some arrows. You can make around ten standard arrows with this batch. You can also buy them from vendors, but doing so will set you back a significant amount of money. You would be better off purchasing the necessary supplies and making them on your own.

To change arrows, press the button that corresponds to the one you want to use to bring up the menu for your currently equipped weaponry. While the bow is selected as the active tool, you have the ability to select which arrows you want to employ. When an arrow has been fired, it cannot be retrieved again. Therefore, there is no possibility of prudently preserving ammunition using this method. Additionally, you are unable to improve arrows because their damage is dependent on the bow that is equipped.