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How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite


In Fortnite, players have the opportunity to investigate a variety of different island rift codes. Try your hand at a challenging puzzle that has people all over the internet looking for golden eggs while you wait for tomorrow’s release of the Season 3, Week 10 challenges that have been leaked. The Island Rifts Codes are a new and interesting take on the standard formula for a good battle royale game. These codes direct players of Fortnite to puzzles that were created by fans of the game. This particular test, which was developed by Weck, is divided into six different levels, each of which contains secret Eggs that the player needs to find and destroy before moving on to the next. There are a few of the stages in which the eggs are extremely well concealed, making it fairly challenging for players to find all six of them. This article will walk you through the process of locating every single golden egg in Fortnite. So let’s get started:

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How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite

Inserting the Codes

In Fortnite, advancing to the level known as the Golden Egg only requires a few simple steps. Players need to initiate a creative server as the first step. The next step, now that Rifts have been added back into Fortnite, is to locate a Feature Rift, which is a shimmering doorway that appears to be made up of glowing shards of broken glass. After clicking the engage button, a new screen titled “Choose an Island Code” will open up for you to choose from. To participate in this Golden Egg challenge, you will need to enter the code 5232-2456-2630.

Level 1:

On the first level, it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate the egg; it should be right in the middle of the screen, waiting for Fortnite players to give it their best shot.

How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite

Level 2:

The second Golden Egg can be found tucked away in the top left-hand nook of the open door of the barn. It is situated on top of the hay bales. Gamers will need to move their bodies to the right quite a bit in order to even see it, but players should keep a close eye on the top corner of the screen.

How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite

Level 3:

Level 3 is a desert-themed level that is packed with various types of sand, cacti, and decoy eggs. Nevertheless, there are no Easter eggs in this level like there is in Fortnite’s Adam West Easter egg. The location of the Golden Egg is hidden behind the rock formation that can be found all the way in the back right of the level.

How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite

Level 4:

On Level 4, check the white tent’s interior, namely the far left side of the structure. Because the location of the Golden Egg is so effectively concealed, players can anticipate having to make multiple trips back and forth before discovering it.

How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite

Level 5:

Diner is the setting for the fifth and final level, and within it is concealed the Golden Egg. There is a black vehicle directly in front of you, but it is not the same kind of vehicle that players can now fill up with fuel and drive in the game of Fortnite. The players will need to peer through the gap in the fence, around the dark vehicle, and into the structure. Because it will be located behind the door on the right, players will need to shift their position slightly to the left in order to be able to view it.

How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite

Level 6:

The theme of Level 6 is water, but thankfully it is not the same theme as the Coral Castle, which is the subject of a lawsuit against Epic Games for appearing to be a typical Florida tourist trap. Go to the far leftmost part of the level, and then turn your attention to the anchor. There ought to be a golden egg nestled neatly in the golden heap that is situated in the space between the leaves and the anchor.

How to Find All Golden Eggs in Fortnite


How many golden eggs are there?

Unlocking the additional golden egg requires achieving three stars on ALL of the levels contained inside each episode as well as obtaining stars for each of the game’s 27 Golden Eggs.

What is the golden circle in Fortnite?

Gold bars are a sort of currency that were introduced in Season 5 of Fortnite. They are exclusive to the game and do not exist outside of it. You will have the opportunity to acquire gold bars at various points throughout each match by accomplishing a range of objectives, such as bounties.

How to get V Bucks for free?

When a player completes a mini-boss task and a Strom shield protection mission in Fortnite, they are given the opportunity to earn free V Bucks and perks. In addition, you have the opportunity to acquire virtual currency by successfully completing daily account login daily missions. In the event that you are unaware of the storm shield task, you have tracked the correct location.