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How To Get a Weed Farm in GTA Online


When players have a significant amount of experience under their belts, one of the things they will do in GTA Online is buy real estate and start their own businesses. Players start off in Los Santos with nothing more than a pistol and a rudimentary car at their disposal to help them navigate the city. The player’s reputation and wealth will both increase in tandem with the number of quests and heists that they successfully accomplish. Players will gain the ability to invest in various drug businesses, ranging from those dealing in cocaine to those dealing in cannabis. Once they are up and running, these businesses provide gamers fantastic opportunities to increase their revenue with minimal additional effort required on their part. This is how gamers in GTA Online can obtain their very own marijuana farm.

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How To Get a Weed Farm in GTA Online

How To Get a Weed Farm in GTA Online

The marijuana grow operation is actually one of the least lucrative companies related to drugs. Despite this, it is still an excellent way for novices to gain an understanding of how the whole process operates. The first thing that the athlete will need to do is make an investment in a clubhouse. Players can locate clubhouses that are now on the market by pulling out their mobile devices and navigating to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. In this section, a large number of distinct properties will show, each with a different price. Make an investment in the least expensive one that is offered for a weed farm. It will cost you a minimum of $200,000 to get the one that is the least expensive option, so now is the time to start saving.

After the player has made the purchase of the property, the location of the property will be marked on the map for the player. The next step for the player is to consider making an investment in grow houses so that they can begin cultivating their own weed. The player will be given a checklist of activities to carry out in order to get the business up and running when they enter the grow house. The player’s objective in these missions will be to steal various items in order to cultivate crops in the grow house. However, the player will need to make frequent visits to the weed farm in order to ensure that everything is continuing to operate as it should.

How To Get a Weed Farm in GTA Online

This feature was initially released in conjunction with the Bikers update in the year 2017. Players also have the option to invest in enterprises that sell meth or cocaine, both of which have the potential to generate significantly higher profits for the player than cannabis does. Surprisingly, GTA Online has a great deal of useful information for the management of actual businesses. The game has a lot to teach its players about making a profit, including investing, supply and demand, and many other topics. The game continues to perform very well regardless of the platform it is played on. To such an extent that another port is planned for release on the PS5 in the following year. Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto Online is still very profitable for the company.


Can you buy multiple weed farms in GTA 5?

You can, in fact, have access to the more expansive facilities of other businesses. Do you think it’s possible for me to buy a cannabis factory in addition to my cocaine factory? You are able to have all 5 enterprises at the same time; however, you are only allowed to have one facility or factory for each firm.

Can you rob weed farm in GTA 5?

You can only visit the weed farm during the daytime on THURSDAYS, and there are no shortcuts to the farm, so you have to enter through the main door. The farm is only open during the daytime on THURSDAYS (with the sign that says “Braddock Farms”). If all of the conditions are met, the emblem for the weed farm will appear on the map, and you will then be able to raid the compound.

How long does weed take to grow in GTA 5?

It takes eight hours if there are no upgrades for marijuana enterprises. 6.67 hours if you make one upgrade. 5,3 hours with two upgrades if it is fully upgraded.

Where are the drug plants in GTA 5?

Alamo Sea to the North-West

On the north coast of the Alamo Sea, close to the entrance to Raton Canyon, there are two enormous outcroppings of rocky terrain. There is a peyote cactus in the space between them, which is underwater.