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How to Get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley


There are a large variety of various items that may be manufactured in Stardew Valley, and each of these items can be constructed using a vast variety of different components. There are also a wide variety of different commodities that can be purchased in Stardew Valley. Some of these, like fibres, wood, and stone, are easy to find and acquire, while others, like refined quartz, call for a few more steps to be taken before they can be obtained.

Because it is an item that can be foraged in both the mines and the Skull Cavern, typical chunks of quartz can be located very often in Stardew Valley. This is due to the fact that both of these locations have foraging opportunities. This cannot be utilised in place of refined quartz, although it can be transformed into refined quartz if desired. The process of acquiring refined quartz in Stardew Valley is outlined in the following tutorial.

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How to Get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley

In point of fact, there are a variety of methods for players to acquire refined quartz, including producing it themselves or discovering it. Stardew Valley’s progression system makes it easier for players to obtain refined quartz as they go through the game because they have more resources available to them.

How to Get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley

The first step that must be taken for players to obtain refined quartz is to use a furnace to smelt one piece of regular or fire quartz into refined quartz. This smelting operation, like the others, will cost players one piece of coal, same like the others. When a player smelts a piece of ordinary quartz, they will receive back one piece of refined quartz; but, when they smelt a piece of fire quartz, they will receive back three pieces of refined quartz. In-game time must be spent for smelting in order to obtain refined quartz, and this process takes approximately one and a half hours to complete.

The use of a recycling machine is yet another option open to players who wish to obtain polished quartz. It will give players a piece of refined quartz in return for a broken CD or broken glasses obtained by going through trash cans or fishing up rubbish on a recycling machine. Players can find trash cans or recycling machines throughout the map. In addition, players may occasionally discover refined quartz in trash cans.

How to Get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley

The mines and Skull Cavern both have a small chance of yielding refined quartz, but it is extremely uncommon. After splintering huge crystals in the mines, there is a remote possibility that one will materialise nearby. In addition, refined quartz can be obtained as a drop from ghosts on floors 51–90 of the mines, and it has a 10% chance of being dropped by carbon ghosts in Skull Cavern.

Owning a ghostfish fish pond on the player’s farm is the ultimate method for acquiring refined quartz. This pond may be found on the player’s property. If there are nine fish in the fish pond at any given time, it will be possible for the fish pond to begin manufacturing refined quartz.

What Is Refined Quartz Used For

How to Get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley

Because it can be put to so many different uses, players in Stardew Valley will want to make sure they get their hands on some refined quartz at some point during their time in the game. There are a few recipes that call for the material, in addition to a structure, a bundle, and even a template for custom clothing that may be crafted with it. The following is a list of all of the items that may be crafted by players using refined quartz, along with the other ingredients that are required to finish each recipe:

1. Crafting

  • 10 pieces of refined quartz, 5 pieces of iron bar, and 5 pieces of gold bar make up a solar panel (Recipe from Caroline via Special Order)
  • 10 pieces of refined quartz, 1 piece of dwarf gadget, and 1 piece of battery pack make up the Farm Computer (Recipe from Demetrius via Special Order)
  • Quality Sprinkler with one each of the following: Refined Quartz, Iron Bar, and Gold Bar (Recipe by hitting Farming Level 6)
  • 10 pieces of stone, 1 piece of clay, and 1 piece of refined quartz make up the garden pot (Recipe via Evelyn after making Greenhouse)
  • The Lightning Rod consists of five Bat Wings, one Iron Bar, and one Refined Quartz crystal (Recipe by hitting Foraging Level 6)
  • The Crystal Floor consists of one piece of refined quartz (Recipe bought from Krobus for 500g)
  • Crystal Path requires one piece of refined quartz in addition to the Recipe, which can be purchased from the Carpenter’s Shop for 200g.

2. Tailoring

  • It is possible to make a necklace shirt by threading it through the spool of a sewing machine.
  • It’s possible to utilise it as a purple dye.

3. Building

  • Slime Hutch – ten thousand grams, five hundred stones, ten refined quartzes, and one iridium bar


Where is the most quartz in Stardew Valley?

Quartz may be dug up from the ground at the Mines that are located to the north of Pelican Town, as well as in the Skull Cavern that is located in the desert. Because this is not an extremely rare resource, after you have explored a few floors of the Mines, it is likely that you will locate a couple of them.

Does Stardew Valley sell quartz?

In Stardew Valley, a fire quartz is only worth 100g, which means that if you sell it, you won’t see much of an increase in the value of your bank account. Instead, put those fire quartz shards to use in the production of at least one slime egg press, if not more.

What is the hardest item to get in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, the living hat is considered to be one of the game’s rarest items. Because they only have a 0.01% chance of dropping from wilderness golems, which are rare enemies that only appear on the farm if players choose the wilderness layout, it is necessary to plan ahead in order to have any chance at all of finding one.