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How to Get All Gem Upgrade Levels in Diablo 4


In Diablo 4, there are seven distinct categories of Gems, and within each category, there are five tiers of quality. If a player wants to get the most out of their characters, they should prioritize upgrading their Gems to the highest potential level as much as they can. The effects provided by a Gem increase in proportion to the quality of the Gem. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to obtain all of the Gem Upgrade Levels in Diablo 4. So let’s get started:

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How to Get All Gem Upgrade Levels in Diablo 4

As was said earlier, there are five distinct Gem qualities, which are referred to as follows: Crude, Chipped, Standard, Flawless, and Royal. With the assistance of a Jeweler, a non-player character in Diablo 4, players can switch between these attributes at any time. Jewellers can be found in several places, including Kyovashad. The Jeweler can combine three gems into a single gem of the next quality, provided that the player has a little bit of gold and is at the proper level. The following is a comprehensive rundown of the required levels that a player must have reached to be able to execute Gem upgrades:

  • Crude to Chipped: Level 20
  • Chipped to Standard: Level 40
  • Standard to Flawless: Level 60
  • Flawless to Royal: Level 70

It is important to note that the minimum level need for using Flawless Gems is Level 50, while the minimum level required for using Royal Gems is Level 60. As a consequence of this, players of Diablo 4 can equip these Gems before they can produce them at the Jeweler, providing that they receive them from a different source.

How to Get All Gem Upgrade Levels in Diablo 4

Although Flawless Gems are indeed the greatest alternatives available at the time of writing, dataminers have discovered evidence of three higher-quality Gems hidden within the game’s files. These Gems can be found in the game’s store. Although no information can be confirmed concerning the particular effects or availability of those Gems at this time, it would not be too strange if they were eventually able to be crafted at Levels 80, 90, and 100. Even if all of a player’s socketed Gems in Diablo 4 are Flawless, they should still continue to gather Gems because they may be useful in the future. Players are urged to do this.

However, there is no Gem bag in Diablo 4, which can make gathering gems a little more challenging for end-game players who may already be having trouble finding enough space to keep their items. These concerns may be addressed simultaneously with the release of the three Gems that are beyond Flawless, and it might not be too long before fans have new ways to deal with their stashes of items. For the time being, it will be necessary for players to make the most of the difficulties that come with possessing a sizeable gem collection.


How do you unlock flawless gems in Diablo 4?

Standard Gems are unmodified versions of Chipped Gems that can be crafted at level 40 after collecting three of the same type. The ability to craft Flawless Gems is unlocked at level 50 and requires three of the same type of Standard Gem. The ability to craft Royal Gems is unlocked at level 60 and requires three of the same type of Flawless Gem.

How do you unlock royal gems in Diablo 4?

Once you have reached level 60 in Diablo 4, you will be able to get royal gems, which are a part of the late-game and end-game content of the game. After reaching level 50, the obstacles in the game get increasingly difficult to complete; hence, you will need to be committed and consistent in your run if you want to obtain the highly sought-after Royal gems.

How do you level up gems in Diablo 4?

Once you have reached level 20, a jeweler will allow you to improve your Diablo 4 gems. In order to complete the Gem Crafting quest, you will need to have a conversation with Kratia, a jeweler who can be found in Kyovashad. After having a single chat, you will be able to enhance your gems by speaking to any jeweller found within Sanctuary.

What is max level in Diablo 4?

It takes around 150 hours to attain the maximum level of 100 in Diablo 4, which is the game’s cap. According to Blizzard, players can expect to finish the game’s vast campaign at about level 45 after it takes them approximately 35 hours of gaming to finish it. Players can also anticipate to finish the campaign at this level.

Can you combine gems in Diablo 4?

The Jeweler will combine the gems of lower grade that you have in your inventory to create gems of higher quality and with more powerful effects.