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How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley


One of the most difficult to come by goods in Stardew Valley is the Ancient Fruit. Although this is not an especially challenging task (not that anything in Stardew Valley is), you will need a lot of patience to complete it because there is no way to speed up the process. The most effective techniques to acquire the Ancient Fruit are detailed in the following list!

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How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

There are now two ways to acquire Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley, and while both of these methods can be somewhat time demanding, they are as follows:

  • When you hand in the Ancient Seed Artifact to Gunther, you will receive the seeds in exchange.
  • You can get the seeds by bargaining with the Traveling Merchant in Cindersap Forest.

Before we get started, it is necessary to point out that neither of these two options is the superior choice. One is simpler, but the other is likely to be more time efficient but may need more effort from you. Obtaining the Ancient Fruit is simple, but you should be prepared to wait quite a while!

1: Get the Seed Packet

The Museum

If you are looking to fill your museum with artefacts, or if you don’t want to wait for the Merchant to show up on her days in game (Friday and Sunday), then you would be better off picking up your Hoe tool and going for a walk around the map. Getting the seeds from Gunther requires more effort than simply purchasing them from The Travelling Merchant.

How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

On the map on your right, you can see where the Museum is situated. However, in order to access this location, you will first need to excavate several Artifact Spots in the Cindersap Forest or on the Mountain. Although it may be challenging to find an Artifact Spot, there is little doubt that you are already familiar with them. They have the appearance of worms that are emerging from the ground. Have a look at the map down below to learn the location of the Mountain and the Cindersap Forest.

How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

After you have obtained the Ancient Seed relic, which has a very low chance of dropping (only 0.7 percent), you will need to bring it to Gunther in the Museum. He will take it, put it on display, and in exchange, he will give you a packet of seeds from an Ancient Fruit that you can grow!

2: Plant the Seeds

How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Now that you have the seeds, the rest of the process will proceed quite quickly. Plant your seeds in the location on your farm that you choose to be your ideal planting area, and once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready for the exciting adventure that’s about to follow.

3: Wait

How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Attend its arrival. Wait, wait, and then some more before proceeding. Wait, and be sure to water it every day. It takes a total of 28 days for the Ancient Fruit to mature and be ready for harvest. It’s worth a lot of gold, but you won’t be able to sell it or use it to manufacture Artisan Goods until after one entire game season has passed. If you want to know when to harvest this unusual fruit, the full growth process for it is depicted above for your convenience.


Where can I find Ancient Fruit seed Stardew?

Both the mountains and the Cindersap Forest contain it, so look in both of those places. If you locate it, you should deliver it to the Museum, which will cause Gunther to give you the seeds you need to sow ancient seeds. If you don’t give it to the museum, you won’t get the seeds.

How often does Ancient Fruit produce?

You can also obtain seeds by inserting an Ancient Fruit inside of a Seed Maker, doing so at random by placing other items inside of a Seed Maker, or by purchasing them from the Traveling Cart. The seeds must mature for 28 days before they may produce their first Ancient Fruit, and thereafter, they produce one Ancient Fruit every 8 days.

Is ancient fruit worth it Stardew?

As you can see, old fruits are quite valuable. You can make a good amount of money just by selling the fruit in its natural state, but you can make much more money by processing the fruit into wine or jam.

What is the most profitable fruit in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, the starfruit is considered to be not only the most recognisable but also the most lucrative crop. It can be purchased for 400g from the Oasis Shop, which can be unlocked by completing the bundle for the Vault Community Center. However, the item may be sold for 750g, which is more than double its original price.

Can you grow Ancient Fruit in greenhouse?

However, much like coffee, ancient fruit, when grown in a greenhouse, can live on forever because it is a crop that reproduces. Only starfruit and sweet gem berries have a higher worth than this harvest, therefore it comes in third.

Should I plant Ancient Seed in greenhouse?

You can sow the seed in the greenhouse if you want it to survive the winter as well as the other seasons. It would be best if you planted your fruit trees and the Ancient Seed inside the greenhouse as soon as you were able to access it. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about the changing of the seasons.