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How to Get and Copy Your Instagram Link on Your Computer


If you want other users to be able to find your Instagram profile and begin following you there, you will need to provide the web address for it to them before they can do either of those things. When using a personal computer, gaining a connection to your Instagram profile is a straightforward and uncomplicated process. You can import your Instagram link onto your own computer by following the steps outlined in this instruction, which can be found here. So let’s get started:

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How to Get and Copy Your Instagram Link on Your Computer

If you are using a desktop computer, getting the link to your Instagram profile should only take a few clicks of your mouse. It is possible that the process will take a little bit longer if you are working on a mobile device.

Before you can begin using the application, you will first need to launch your web browser, then go to the Instagram website and log in there. Logging onto the site will automatically grant you access to your account on that platform.

To make changes to your Instagram profile, open the app, navigate to the app’s upper-right corner, and click the button that looks like your profile. You are going to copy the URL that can be found in the “Profile” menu item right this very second. You can find it in the drop-down menu.

How to Get and Copy Your Instagram Link on Your Computer

To copy the link address, select “Copy Link Address” from the context menu that displays after right-clicking the “Profile” option seen within Chrome. When using Firefox or Edge, you can copy the link to your profile by right-clicking the “Profile” link and selecting “Copy Link” from the context menu. This will save the link to your clipboard.

How to Get and Copy Your Instagram Link on Your Computer

It would appear that the URL of your Instagram profile was copied without any issues whatsoever being encountered. To utilize this link, place your cursor inside of any text field on your computer, right-click anywhere inside of that text field, and then select “Paste” from the menu that appears after you have done so.

How to Get and Copy Your Instagram Link on Your Computer


How exactly do you add a link to your Instagram account to your Twitter bio?

When you have found the link to your Instagram profile, you will be able to paste it into the section of your Twitter bio that is designated for it. After you have navigated to your Twitter profile, you should copy the link to your Instagram account that is posted on Twitter. Continue through the steps to edit your profile by navigating to Profile > Edit Profile, where you will then be able to paste the link into either the Bio or Website field.

How do I add links to the stories I post on Instagram?

Through the use of Instagram’s sticker feature, you are able to incorporate clickable links into stories that you share on Instagram. To begin, select the sticker tool by clicking its icon in the upper menu bar. Next, from the collection of stickers that appears, choose the Link sticker. After that, enter the URL you want to use for the sticker, choose Done, and then place the sticker on your article in the location you desire before publishing it.