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How to Get and Enter the Practice Range in Valorant


Players compete against opponents from all over the world in the first-person shooter game Valorant, which uses a 5v5 matchmaking system. However, before you take part in any of the action that takes place online, it is recommended that you visit the Practice Range in order to hone your skills. This offline training mode gives you access to a variety of activities, such as free-roaming and exercises, to help you become more skilled at overcoming the challenges posed by your adversaries. This article includes directions on how to get to the training range in Valorant so that you can improve your combat skills. So let’s get started:

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How to Get and Enter the Practice Range in Valorant

Through the game’s Practice Mode, you will be able to gain access to the Valorant Practice range. To put it into action, you must first do the following:

1. Launch Valorant.

2. Navigate to the top section of your main menu and click “Play.”

How to Get and Enter the Practice Range in Valorant

3. After selecting “Practice,” you will be presented with a list of the various practice modes.

How to Get and Enter the Practice Range in Valorant

4. Press the “Enter Range” button after choosing the “Shooting Test” option.

How to Get and Enter the Practice Range in Valorant

5. Simply select your player character, and the game will be over.

How to Get and Enter the Practice Range in Valorant

The Shooting Test mode gives you the opportunity to hone your aiming skills and provides plenty of practice opportunities. This mode allows you to practice on a wide variety of targets, which is important because getting your shots in on target can determine the outcome of the game. It is absolutely necessary for you to hone this ability, and you will need to adjust to a variety of factors, such as the presence of a wide bullet spray and the absence of respawn time before the round concludes.

Before diving headfirst into the game, it is strongly recommended that you get some practice with these dummies first. This will make your transition into the game much smoother by acquainting you with the game’s mechanics and teaching you how the guns function. The level of difficulty can also be adjusted, and the objective of the mode is to eliminate as many mannequins as possible before the clock runs out. After all, you do not want to start your match as a liability right away in the game that you are playing.


Where can I practice in Val?

To begin, launch Valorant and navigate to the “PLAY” button, which should be located in the exact middle of the screen’s upper half. After that, a tiny button labeled Practice will appear at the bottom of the screen, just to the left of the Start button.

What is a good range Valorant score?

In general, pro players have an ACS between 113 and 279. Because of this, a player who has either 300 or more ACS or 100 or fewer ACS should really stand out to the viewer because they are extremely uncommon (only 4.6% of players fall into this category).

Should I aim in Val?

Crosshair placement is more important in Valorant than having raw mechanics; once you have mastered the ability to place the crosshair, you will realize how simple it is to aim in Valorant. Aiming with a Valorant requires very little in the way of actual skill. In Valorant, the most effective method for getting a kill is to hold angles while keeping the crosshair at head level.

Is 100 fps good for Valo?

The number of frames that are rendered by your graphics card in one second is denoted by the “frames per second” abbreviation. An average of eighty frames per second (FPS) is considered to be satisfactory for Valorant because it enables fluid gameplay and provides a fantastic visual experience. You can improve your frame rate by tweaking your hardware and adjusting the settings of the game you’re playing.