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How to Get and Use the Metal Coat in Pokemon GO


The purpose of the item known as a Metal Coat in Pokemon GO is the same as the purpose it serves in the main series of the Pokemon video game franchise, which is to evolve certain Pokemon into the Steel-type versions of their corresponding evolutionary forms.

Since its debut in the Pokemon games of Generation II—specifically Silver, Gold, and Crystal—Metal Coat has been a mainstay of the Pokemon series. These games are known together as Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal. Scyther and Onix are the only Pokemon in Pokemon GO that are currently capable of benefiting from the effects of this particular item. Both of these Pokemon have developed into Scizor and Steelix since they were first discovered. Metal Coats are an item that should be sought out and used, even if for no other reason than the fact that both of these Pokemon can develop into forms that are significant in their own right.

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Obtaining a Metal Coat in Pokemon GO

Metal Coat is one of the many evolutionary goods from the Johto region that may be earned in Pokemon GO by spinning photo discs at Pokestops and gyms. Other examples of these things are King’s Rocks and Sun Stones. Trainers will also be assured of receiving at least one Johto area evolution item if they are able to complete a seven-day spin streak; hence, maintaining a close proximity to Pokestops and gyms is an excellent method for acquiring evolution items.

There are several routes available to pursue in order to acquire Metal Coats. When a Pokemon GO player opens the gift that another player has sent them, there is a remote chance that they will receive one. When specific conditions are met, researchers and trainers who have completed Special Research Tasks can get Metal Coats as a reward for their efforts.

To be more specific, depending on the nature of the seasonal event’s theme, there may be excellent opportunities to acquire the item. Niantic is constantly making adjustments to Pokemon GO in order to make the game more interesting, and it is not unheard of for them to boost the frequency with which evolution items can be obtained. Although it is never quite a guarantee that Metal Coats will make their way into an event’s agenda, it is not unheard of for them to do so.

Players are not likely to require a large quantity of Metal Coats in the beginning stages of the game due to the fact that there are now only two genuine evolutions that may take place with Metal Coats in Pokemon GO. Whatever the case may be, a little perseverance in spinning photo discs and completing research chores will most likely result in the evolutionary item sooner rather than later.

Finding a Metal Coat evolution item is dependent on how often you play Metal Coat because there aren’t that many other Johto area evolution items for it to compete with for spawning possibilities as a reward. Simply spinning the wheel and completing chores will, in time, provide the desired outcomes, even if seven-day streaks aren’t feasible for the player of Pokemon GO in question.