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How to Catch Alpha Pokemon – Pokemon Go


When travelling through the Hisui area in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, trainers may come across gigantic Pokemon that have bright red eyes and are wandering around. These Pokemon are known as Alpha Pokemon, and they are among the most powerful creatures that can be captured in the region of Hisui. In addition, Alpha Pokemon will gain access to a move that they typically wouldn’t be able to learn even after reaching a higher level if they weren’t an Alpha Pokemon.

When you first start playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it can be very challenging to capture Alpha Pokemon. The majority of the time will be spent trying to slip past them or escaping from them. Once trainers have vanquished the region’s Noble Pokemon, they will notice an increase in the number of times they encounter Alpha Pokemon while out in the wild. Fighting an Alpha Pokemon is the standard and most well-known method for capturing one of these rare creatures. However, due to the fact that Alpha Pokemon are extremely powerful, it is best to attempt to capture them without engaging them in combat.

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Preparation for Alpha Pokemon

There are two different collections of goods that trainers will need in order to catch Alpha Pokemon without being discovered:

  1. Heavy Balls
  2. Berries, Bait

Cyllene will hand up a recipe to trainers once they have reached Star Rank 1 in the training system. This is the recipe for making Heavy Balls, which are useful for capturing larger and heavier Pokemon like Onix and Alpha Pokemon. Heavy Balls may be crafted by following this procedure. Both an Apricot and a Black Tumblestone are required in order for a trainer to make a Heavy Ball.

Apricots may be harvested from Apricot Trees, and Black Tumblestones can be unearthed by the player’s Pokemon by having them fight rocks or crystals. Apricots can also be traded for other items in the game. It won’t be till after trainers have vanquished Mai and gained access to the remainder of the Obsidian Fieldlands that they’ll be able to access the deposits that store the Black Tumblestones.

In addition, you can purchase Berries at the shop in Jubilife Village. The fact that Berries make it simpler to catch Pokemon is the primary reason why trainers will want to gather as many of them as possible. Berries and other kinds of Bait, such Mushrooms or Honey Cakes, are used to divert the attention of the Pokemon you’re trying to catch so that you can more easily catch it with Back Strike.

In addition, trainers are able to view the foods that each Pokemon prefers to eat provided they have completed a certain number of research activities related to the species of the Alpha Pokemon. Even though the vast majority of Pokemon favour Oran Berries, there are some species that have preferences for other kinds of food. When attempting to catch an Alpha Pokemon, it is preferable to utilize the Bait that its species prefers.

Catching Alpha Pokemon Without Battling

Utilizing stealth and lurking in the grass are two crucial components to successfully capturing Alpha Pokemon without engaging them in battle. Regardless of their species, all Alpha Pokemon are hostile, and if they sense that someone is coming closer to them, they will immediately go on the offensive.

Here’s a breakdown of how to catch Alpha Pokemon:

  1. Press B to crouch down in the tall grass near the Alpha Pokemon.
  2. Toss a Berry or the Alpha Pokemon’s preferred food so that the Alpha Pokemon has to turn around to eat it.
  3. When the Pokemon’s back is turned, throw a Heavy Ball to get a Back Strike catch in.

Because the Alpha Pokemon has a lower chance of being captured, there is a good likelihood that a Heavy Ball will be ineffective. If this occurs, the Alpha Pokemon will notice the player and run after them while attempting to attack them. When you see the “red eye” detection indicator, summon Wyrdeer and immediately flee the area until it goes away.

It is extremely necessary to make use of the Back Strike technique when attempting to catch Alpha Pokemon. When the Alpha Pokemon is being distracted by Bait and has its back turned to the player, the catch metre will become yellow and contain two arrows instead of just one.

It is important for players to make sure that their weakest Pokemon are in the head of the group in case they are unable to outpace an Alpha Pokemon. When facing off against another Pokemon, it is quite likely that an Alpha Pokemon will initiate the fight by attacking first and using a powerful move that may easily one-hit kill its foe.

It is necessary to have an Alpha Pokemon in order to complete some Requests that can be obtained from NPCs in Jubilife Village. And lastly, the research duties for the Pokedex include looking up information about Alpha Pokemon. Players will advance through the Star Ranks in the Survey Corps by successfully completing research missions given to them.