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How to Farm Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4


A huge number of new goods and crafting materials are available in Diablo 4, which can be used to create a diverse array of weapons, armour, and other equipment. One of these reclaimed elements, Forgotten Soul, can be utilised to improve already powerful equipment and make your gear even more effective. In Diablo 4, the Forgotten Soul is a piece of the crafting kit that you probably won’t require until you reach the late-game content. As we made our way through the main storyline and began to amass Legendary goods, we came to the startling realisation that Forgotten Soul is, without a doubt, one of the most important resources to have on hand to improve your most potent equipment. This post will walk you through farming lost souls in Diablo 4, so keep reading! So let’s get started:

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How to Farm Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4

Given that Forgotten Souls can only be obtained as loot from Helltide events, farming for them in Diablo 4 might be challenging. Helltide events are a type of world event that takes place every 75 minutes in each of the game’s five major zones and lasts for an hour each time. Killing demons, which you’ve been doing for the entirety of the game, is the greatest way to farm Forgotten Souls when Helltide events are active.

Unfortunately, the chance of obtaining a Forgotten Soul from a drop is relatively low, and a whole hour may pass without you obtaining even a single one. You can also obtain Forgotten Souls by cracking open Mystery Chests, the most valuable and sought-after chests in the Helltide expansion. They set you back 175 Aberrant Cinders, but purchasing one may very well be money well spent.

How to Farm Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4

Helltide events each endure an hour, with a gap of 75 minutes in between demonic invasions; hence, it is possible to switch between Helltide events in a reasonable amount of time. You should always be looking for opportunities to knock down mini-bosses, pilfer Helltide chests, and discover Screaming Hell Vein ore deposits whenever you are in the thick of the action. Following these steps, your Diablo 4 arsenal will soon receive unbelievable upgrades.

What are Forgotten Souls used for in Diablo 4?

Forgotten Souls are a crafting material that are obtained near the end of the game and are mostly used to improve Legendary equipment. You also can re-roll the statistics of your equipment when using Forgotten Souls. Because I rarely improved my gear at the beginning of my first playthrough of Diablo 4, I rarely came across any Forgotten Souls.

However, I soon realised that these souls were necessary for completing later game content. If you do not currently possess any legendary equipment, you can acquire some via participating in and completing dungeons, world events, Helltide events, and end-game activities associated with Whispers of the Dead.

How to Farm Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4

When you collect enough Forgotten Souls, you should travel to the blacksmith in the nearby settlement and choose one of your Legendary items to enhance. You will see the potential stat boosts resulting from upgrading your weapon before you do the upgrade. Remember that Forgotten Souls are exceedingly hard to come by and precious; as a result, you should perform some study before selecting the item you wish to enhance and clicking the enhance button.


What is the forgotten soul crafting material?

In Diablo III, Forgotten Soul is a type of Legendary crafting material that may be acquired by utilising the Blacksmith to salvage legendary weapons and armour that were not hand-crafted or set goods.

What are the Forgotten Souls Helltides?

In Diablo 4, Forgotten Souls are a valuable resource that may be used to reroll Sacred and Ancestral goods. It is only possible to acquire it in Helltides through cracking open chests, killing rare creatures, and unlocking Scream Hell Veins, a specific ore node that only spawns in Helltides. Those are the only methods.

What is the highest power level in Diablo 4?

It takes around 150 hours to attain the maximum level of 100 in Diablo 4, which is the game’s cap.

What is the best class in Diablo 4?

Because of their ridiculously high survivability and incredible damage output, sorcerers are the only class that can compete at this level. The Sorcerer is the top class in Diablo 4 in every measurable category, despite the fact that other classes in the game are more well-rounded and, as a result, tend to be more enjoyable.

What is the easiest character in Diablo 4?

It’s up for debate whether the Necromancer or the Barbarian is the best starting class for new players, although both have their advantages and disadvantages. The army of skeletons that are at your disposal is unquestionably the most beneficial aspect of playing the Necromancer class. These henchmen will fight alongside you against various foes, and depending on how they are built, they are capable of dealing quite high damage.