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How to Get Command Blocks in Minecraft


Minecraft is a surprising amount of work to master. On the surface, it appears to be nothing more than a massive Lego simulator — but delve deeper and you’ll discover that you can construct enormous train systems, paint images, and even operate in-game computers.

Compound features such as command blocks are one of these. Command blocks, which are powered by redstone, allow you to automate the world, govern players, define server rules, and do a variety of other things. Command blocks, on the other hand, are not available elsewhere in the world or in the entire list of available objects, unlike the rest of the game’s items. instead of doing so, you’ll need to use hacks to spawn it into the game It is possible to obtain a command block in Minecraft, whether you are using the Java or Bedrock editions.

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How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft

A command block may be obtained in both Java and Bedrock using a mechanism that is almost identical.

1. First and foremost, ensure that cheats are enabled on your world or Realms server, and that you are playing in Creative Mode.

The chat box may be accessed by using the T key on your keyboard or the right d-pad button on a game controller.

3. In the conversation box, write the following:

/give [your username] as an example minecraft:command block
In the place of “[your username],” type in your Minecraft username instead.

4. The command block will be added to your inventory as seen below. While it’s still in your hand, you may set it down on any solid surface you want.

Using the command block

Once you’ve put your command block, you may programme the block to conduct automated operations by using codes. These responsibilities include destroying adversaries as soon as they appear, distributing things to players, and other duties.

1. Go to the command block that you previously placed.

2. You’ll see a few options in the menu that appears when the window is opened. The first parameter allows you to specify how frequently the command block should be executed: Impulse will execute the command once and then stop, Repeat/Current will run the command forever, and Chain will run the command only if any other command blocks are attached to it before it will run itself.

3. The second choice, Conditional or Unconditional, controls whether or not a previously connected command block must be successfully executed in order for this block to be activated.

4. The third option allows you to choose whether the command block can operate on its own (Always Active) or if it requires Redstone power to function properly.

5.Enter your command into the text area. For example, if you wish to eliminate every creeper in the vicinity, you might type:

/put an end to @e

[type=minecraft:creeper] You may find a list of commonly used codes on this page.

6. When you’re ready for the command block to begin running, click the Finish button.



Where do you get a command block in Minecraft?

Obtaining. Currently, there are no command blocks accessible in the Creative inventory. Alternatively, it may be retrieved by using the pick block control or by using other commands such as /give @s minecraft:command block or /setblock command block command block command block.

Can you spawn a command block?

It is not available in your creative inventory at this time. You will need to spawn it in by entering /give your username> command block into the command prompt. Command blocks are not available in survival mode due to the fact that they have the power to impact all parts of the game.