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How to Get Death Flower in Sims 4


The Sims franchise now considers the death flower to be an essential part of the game. The benefits that come from obtaining one of these dead blooms make it worthwhile for your Sim to put in the effort required to acquire one of these flowers. You now have access to a variety of new uses for the death flower, each of which can have a distinct impact on the outcomes of your Sims and those around you. Even vampires are not immune to its effects, which is a very unusual occurrence. This post will walk you through the steps necessary to acquire Death Flower Sims 4 (Sims 4). So let’s get started:

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How to Get Death Flower in Sims 4

To obtain it, you will need to carefully follow each of the steps outlined in the instructions.

1. There are two distinct approaches, the first of which involves using the gardening skill. In order to be able to prune and graft plants, you need to advance your gardening level to level five. After that, you will need to prune an apple tree and a cherry tree before grafting their branches together to produce a pomegranate. If you acquire a starter fruit seed pack from your gaming computer, as demonstrated in the image that follows, it will not be difficult for you to obtain apples.

How to Get Death Flower in Sims 4

2. You can collect cherries by picking them off of bushes that are located all around the oasis that is located to the east of the land grab resonance. You must first cultivate one of the two plants, then take a cutting from the other, and finally graft the two together. Not only will these threes produce pomegranates, but you may also catch them by fishing.

How to Get Death Flower in Sims 4

3. You are going to require an Orchid Plant at this point, and in order to get one, you are going to have to graft a lily and a snapdragon together. These can be found in the area near Willow Creek; however, in order to graft one onto another, you will first need to cultivate one of the plants and then take a cutting from the other plant. You will now have a plant that, like the one pictured below, produces lilies, snapdragons, and orchids.

How to Get Death Flower in Sims 4

4. You can also obtain orchids by completing the collection of space rocks, which you can do by embarking on space missions and gathering the rocks. Both the pomegranate and the orchid must be grown to maturity before you can graft one onto the other and create a sliced plant. Once both plants have reached maturity, you must cut one of them and graft it onto the other.

How to Get Death Flower in Sims 4

5. When you reach level 10 in gardening, you will be able to buy uncommon seed packets online. The price for each pack is one thousand Simoleons, and you may only buy one pack at a time. You can obtain the death flower from the packets, and if you are a spell caster and have the realm of the magic game pack, you can purchase death flowers from the sale at the potion ingredient store in Cases Alley. If you already possess the death flower, you can cultivate it into a plant that produces additional flowers, as demonstrated in the following image.

How to Get Death Flower in Sims 4


Can you find a death flower in Sims 4?

In order to cultivate an orchid, you will additionally need to transplant a lily and a snapdragon, both of which can be discovered close to the home of the Goths and close to the commercial center of Willow Creek. In order to successfully cultivate a death flower, you must, as a final step, graft an orchid onto the pomegranate.

Where do you buy death flowers Sims 4?

Death flowers can be obtained from the booth selling alchemy ingredients located in The Magic Realm for a price of 1,200 gold apiece when they are available.

Why is my death flower not growing Sims 4?

My experience has shown that a plant’s development can be negatively affected even if a sim is able to reach the plant without any problems if there is insufficient space around it. You might want to try shifting the plant so that it is not up against the house and has at least one square all the way around it.

Can you seduce death in Sims 4?

However, in order to summon the Grim Reaper and establish a romance with him, players will first need to sacrifice Sims to the game’s gods by killing their Sims. As a result of this, players should make things simpler by keeping all of their Sims—including the one they plan to use to woo the Grim Reaper—on the same lot and in the same family. This will ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

How do you trigger death in Sims 4?

It’s possible for Sims to die from hypothermia if they go swimming or dress too lightly for the weather. These Ghosts have the ability to either chill Sims that are overheated or kill them by freezing them. Players have the ability to remove all potential sources of nourishment for their Sims, so starving them to death. After death, a person’s Hunger demands will decay more quickly, and they will be able to eat regardless of whether or not they are full.