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How to Get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6


Fighter Coin (FC), in-game money in Street Fighter 6, enables players to use Fighting Passes and unlocks costumes and levels. In contrast to Drive Ticket and Zenny, the two in-game currency, Fighter Coin is more difficult to obtain and appears far less common. This article describes how to obtain fighter coins in Street Fighter 6. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6

Fighter Coins are unfortunately not available in the game. The only way to acquire this Street Fighter 6 money without making microtransactions is to buy coin bundles from the in-game shop. Players cannot farm Fighter Coins using Season Passes or game modes, according to Capcom. However, the microtransactions’ description shows gamers will eventually receive coins as prizes. (However, the mechanics for rewarding players remain a mystery.)

Fighter Coin Price

Each Fighter Coin costs around $0.02 (or 2 cents) based on the purchase choices. However, choosing the largest pack, which contains 2,750 coins and offers 55 coins for every dollar paid, is the most economical option for gamers.

How to Get Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6

The cost of Street Fighter 6’s Fighter Coins (FC) is broken down as follows:

  • 250 Fighter Coins for $6.99.
  • 610 Fighter Coins for $11.99.
  • 1,250 Fighter Coins for $23.99.
  • 2,750 Fighter Coins $49.99.

Fighter Coins Used For

The Goods Shop accepts FC for payment of things. But you need it to purchase DLC characters, Yearly Passes, Fighting Stages, and exclusive clothing. Drive Ticket, which users can acquire through competing in community events or the Battle Hub, is an additional substitute for Fighter Coin. The two drawbacks are that some products, such DLC characters, cannot be bought with Drive Tickets and that doing so is significantly more expensive.


How do you get money in Street Fighter 6?

Players can harvest Zenny in the field in addition to making money by winning mini-games and brawls. They occasionally discover Zenny in chests, but most often they acquire it through victories in combat and the destruction of barrels and crates.

How do you get fighter points in SF6?

For accomplishing specific in-game tasks, you can also receive Fighter Coins as a prize; however, the rewards you receive rely on the Battle Hub and Rewards section’s content availability. No products you buy with Fighter Coins or earn through the game’s Fighting Pass will affect gameplay, according to Capcom.

How do you get fight money in Street Fighter?

Online match victories are rewarded with Fight Money (50 FM per match), and Daily Target completions are rewarded with Fight Money (varying from 50 to 2500 FM). Although this is merely a one-time award, there are rewards for leveling characters (1000 FM every level) and finishing game types.

What is the code for SF6 fighter coins?

You can get some of this premium cash for free for a limited period in the next Capcom fighting game. Using the code HDKN236 on the Chipotle website or app, every qualified order will be sent a ticket for 250 Fighter Coins for the upcoming SF6.

How do I redeem my fighter Coins?

You can utilize Fighter Coins, a brand-new in-game money, to further personalize your Battle Hub experience. Take the Coins to the Hub Goods Shop to go through the selection.