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How to Get Fortnite Blizzabelle on Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)


The Blizzabelle skin for Fortnite is expected to be a personal computer (PC) exclusive cosmetic item. To put it another way, if you are playing the game on a console such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, you will not have the option to obtain the skin at no cost for yourself. Even if you play the game on a console, there is a workaround that you can utilise in order to acquire Blizzabelle.

It is important to note that in order to acquire the Blizzabelle skin for Fortnite on PC, you will require at least the most fundamental access to the game. If you don’t have any, you should probably approach a close friend or member of your family for assistance with this matter. When you finally get it right, it won’t take you more than a minute. Now, here’s how to go about doing that:

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How to Get Fortnite Blizzabelle on Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)

To get Blizzabelle on console, you will first need to load up the game on PC and log in to your regular Epic Games or Fortnite account. Only then will you be able to get the character.

After you have completed this step, navigate to the “Item Shop” and search among the available cosmetics for the “Blizzabelle” skin. Choose it, and then go ahead and buy it. Since it is completely free, there is no need for you to stress about whether or not you have enough V-Bucks.

How to Get Fortnite Blizzabelle on Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)

After you have completed this step, log out of Fortnite on your personal computer and load the game onto the console of your choosing. When you join in, navigate to the ‘Locker’ tab on your account, and you should see that Blizzabelle has been added to the ‘Outfit’ part of that screen. You may now equip and utilize the skin on console by pressing the X button on PlayStation or the A button on Xbox.

How to Get Fortnite Blizzabelle on Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)

Don’t let the fact that Fortnite doesn’t display any in-game notification to let you know that the Blizzabelle skin has been unlocked fool you into thinking that the process hasn’t been successful since it has. It will simply be concealed within your Locker. That wraps up everything you need to know about acquiring the Blizzabelle skin for console versions of Fortnite.


How does Blizzabelle dress herself?

During the Christmas events that have taken place over the past two years, Epic Games has given gamers access to a variety of free cosmetics and skins. The WinterFest event that’s taking place in the Fortnite game this year will provide players access to a variety of new clothes to wear. Blizzabelle Outfit is one of the ones that are becoming increasingly popular among the outfits. This is the updated version of the Isabelle skin type that was developed previously.

Unfortunately, people have a difficult time obtaining it on a variety of platforms and are looking for information on How to Get Blizzabelle on Console. However, we will be the first to know when you are able to claim it.

When will you be able to make use of the benefits?

The good news is that players can claim the Blizzabelle outfit beginning on the 16th of December and continuing through the 6th of January. Yes, you are able to take advantage of the deal for the duration of the WinterFest celebration.

But the most recent research indicates that people are having problems acquiring this skin type. [Citation needed] The reason for this is due to the extremely high number of requests from customers of the game store. The developers working on the Epic game are aware of the issue, and they are now investigating it in an effort to find a solution as quickly as they can.