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How to Get Free Skins in Among Us


Among Us has finally made it to consoles, to to everyone’s delight, and we’d like to use this opportunity to show you how to get free skins for your characters to commemorate the event.

With so many games available for free to play in this era, which is now in its golden age, it has become commonplace. It is one of these characters, given to life by streamers and YouTubers during the quarantine period. Amon Us is another. Because of the recent success of the game, the creators have chosen to concentrate their time and resources to a series of porting efforts, and the game has now been released on a variety of platforms, including the PlayStation 3. On the occasion of its long-awaited release, we’d like to explain how you may obtain free skins for The Last of Us: The Sequel.

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PC and console – Among Us: how to get free skins

Once you have downloaded and installed the Innersloth game from Epic Games or Steam, launch it and join a lobby to begin playing. Contrary to popular belief, the computer game’s version already has a number of skins; all that is required is that you start the game, walk up to the laptop in the waiting room (lobby, to be precise), and hit the “Customize” key on the bottom right of the screen. At that point, you will be able to choose from a variety of cosmetic accessories to further personalize your character to your desire. Not all skins are free; in fact, you may have to pay a little fee for some of them.

If you want to go beyond the basic skins of the game, there is a wealth of free material made by the community to help you achieve your aim (mods in essence). For example, the well-known modder’s portal CurseForge is becoming more packed with modifications for Among Us, including those that alter the visual appearance of the game’s characters.

Mobile – Among Us: how to get free skins

Begin by saying that anybody promising alternative techniques or supposed modifications for Among Us on smartphones and tablets in exchange for free skins should be taken extremely seriously. Scams or viruses are the only means of putting your device and the data on it at considerable risk, and this is the only outcome that can be expected. Having said that, it is not feasible to obtain skins for free on mobile devices (unfortunately). The developers in the mobile industry have opted to utilize a different model from the one that is currently in use on the PC. Even though it is completely free to play, the mobile edition of Among Us is mainly dependent on micro-transactions and does not even contain a free Battle Pass (like Fortnite). In a nutshell, it is simply not feasible to obtain game-related skins without first spending money.

The prices of the skins, on the other hand, are quite little. The average cost of a single skin is 2,19 €, while the average cost of a hat is 1,09 €. In brief, pricing are frequently “quite reasonable,” and all you have to do to enter the Shop is click on the dollar icon at the bottom of the game’s main menu screen. Finally, it is always possible to alter the colour of the character’s clothing and headgear at no additional cost whatsoever. This can help you to “distinguish” the character from others without having to spend money on it in the first place.

A matter of cosmetics

Even in Among Us, the skins are purely decorative components, as was to be expected. Thus, choosing one skin over another does not provide any gameplay advantages or disadvantages; rather, it is entirely a question of personal preference. According to the free-to-play script, the skins in issue may be obtained through micro-transactions on mobile shops (App Store and Google Play), as well as through the PC game client (Steam or Epic Games), as well as through the PlayStation 4. Despite this, there are some difficult methods for obtaining certain free Among Us skins for your character in the game.



What is the Among Us Code?

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