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How to Get Fruits in Roblox Blox Fruits Without Notifier


How to Get Fruits in Roblox Blox Fruits Without Notifier

Did your Notifier get despawned? Do not worry. We understand how important it can be to collect fruits on time in blox fruits.

Since the Notifier only works when you are inside the server and a fruit spawns, and if you have missed it and joined the server when the fruit has already spawned, you will not be notified. But the good news is there are many fruits that you can get every weekend if you missed one this weekend. Let’s find out how you can still get the fruit you missed. But next time, you must remember that fruits spawn every 45 minutes to 1 hour and it despawns if you do not pick them up. So always be there on time so that you can pick it up.

It is tough to find fruits without the Notifier, but don’t worry; this guide is for you to get fruits that have been despawned.

How to Get Fruits Without the Notifier

First, you need to know that fruits spawn randomly under any tree scattered around the map. Any tree can have a fruit underneath it, even the one right before you. So make sure that you check every tree.

Always Choose the Right Island

The first step is to choose the right island. Every island in the game has trees, but some islands are better than others for fruit farming. You need to be able to quickly scan every tree on the island as soon as you respawn.

One of the best islands for this method is where you can see every tree. So always explore new servers; you can check new servers by checking the list in the top left corner of the screen in the game.

Try Jungle Island

Jungle Island is an excellent option for fruit farming but has drawbacks. Since it’s a famous island, someone else will likely spot the fruit before you do.

Scan Every Tree

Once you have chosen an island, it’s time to start scanning every tree. Ensure you get all the trees, and look underneath them to see if there’s a fruit spawn. If you don’t find any fruits, try a new server and repeat the process.

Remember, even if your fruit Notifier is still working, you should scan every tree on the island. Sometimes, you might join a server after a fruit has spawned, and you won’t get a notification. So, keep scanning, and don’t give up!


Finding fruits with the Notifier may seem complicated, but it’s possible. You must choose the right island, scan every tree, and be lucky. This method allows you to farm random fruits and level your character quickly. With the help of this guide, you can get all types of fruits, including Buddha, Buddha Fruit, or Even Devil fruit. After getting any blox fruit, do not forget to eat it because if you die without it. It can disappear from your backpack!