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How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free


The LinkedIn platform is free to users; however, they can upgrade to a paid premium version to access additional functionality. When a user first registers for an account on the LinkedIn platform, they are given a free trial period of 30 days, during which they can test out all of the network’s capabilities. In addition to the demo version, there are various other ways to obtain the full premium version without paying for it. However, by using these tactics, you can only take advantage of the premium features for a predetermined number of days. This article will show how you can obtain a free subscription to LinkedIn Premium. So let’s get started:

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How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free

Existing customers are only eligible for the free trial if they have not previously subscribed to the premium version of the service. This indicates that the free trial can only be utilized once.

By Existing LinkedIn User:

1. Navigate to the upper right corner of the LinkedIn website or app and click the icon labelled “Profile.”

2. Select the dropdown menu, and then select Settings and Privacy.

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free

3. After that, from the sidebar on the left, select the Account Preferences option.

4. Within the section labelled Subscriptions & Payments, pick the section labelled Change.

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free

5. Select the most suitable plan based on your identified needs.

6. To activate the free trial for one month, follow the instructions on the screen.

 By New LinkedIn User

1. Navigate to the LinkedIn Premium website and look for the button labelled “Try it free for one month.”

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free

2. Navigate to your LinkedIn account and sign in, or select the Join with Google option.

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free

3. At this point, finish the verification process for the security check.

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free

4. Select one of the premium plans from the available options that best meet your needs.

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free

5. Click the button labelled Start my free month.

6. Finish the purchase by providing your credit card or PayPal information and submitting it to finish the checkout procedure.

7. If the checkout process goes smoothly, the premium version of your LinkedIn account will be enabled and active for 30 days.


Can students get LinkedIn premium for free?

There is no student membership plan available through LinkedIn at this time. On the other hand, if one choose the option to subscribe annually, they will receive a discount of fifty percent off the price of Premium Career. You should also be aware that if you sign up for an annual plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time and get a refund for any months that have not yet been utilized.

Why is LinkedIn premium so expensive?

The rates vary depending on the quantity of InMail credits, the quantity of courses, and all of the other advanced features that are specifically tailored to each premium account type. The price goes up proportionately to the number of features that you select to have included.

Is there a free version of LinkedIn?

We provide a Basic account that is completely free of charge, in addition to Premium subscriptions that can be tested out risk-free for one month. You will be able to locate former teachers and classmates and get in touch with them if you have a basic account. Request and make recommendations.

Will LinkedIn premium get me a job?

Not at all, in fact. There are a few nice perks that come along with having a LinkedIn Premium Career account. Nevertheless, these characteristics will not make or break your chances of getting a job. Second, although it is vital for most people looking for work to have a LinkedIn profile, having a premium account on the platform is not sufficient for finding work.

Does LinkedIn pay for views?

They do not receive compensation from LinkedIn. However, they could receive payment through endorsement arrangements. However, the agreement between the business and the influencer will determine the amount of income and the manner of compensation. Occasionally, a social media influencer will be offered free things in exchange for a review or mention on one of their accounts.