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How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing


The Animal Crossing series’ most popular game, ACNH, recently received a significant 2.0 update that introduced nine customizable fences. Here is our instruction on how to add more fences to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in order to further enhance the beauty of your island.

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How To Buy More Fences And Customize In Animal Crossing

  • Shop at Nook Stop for the fence components.
  • To construct fences in ACNH, craft these fence components.
  • Check the Nook Stop frequently because additional fences are always being erected.

For 2,500 Nook Miles, you can purchase the “Custom fencing in a flash” option if you want to customise fences.
You would then have access to two recipes for building fences: Park Fence and Large lattice fence. Visit Nook Stop for additional fences. You can either purchase these personalised fences for Nook Miles or finish their do-it-yourself recipes. Speaking of unique fences, the following are the new additions to the update:

  • a park fence

How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing

  • A Block Fence

How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing

  • iron fences with corrugations

How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing

  • substantial lattice fence

How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing

  • Wooden fences

How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing

  • bamboo fences in green
  • Fence made of bamboo slats

  • log a fence

How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing

  • iced fences

How To Get More Fences In Animal Crossing

  • Go to the DIY workshop if you wish to further personalise these fences.
  • choose something to craft, then pick fence.
  • You can use it to alter the colour of the fences you currently have in your inventory.

  • Your fences can also have two colours added to them.

That concludes our discussion of Animal Crossing New Horizons’s fencing.


Can you buy fences in Animal Crossing?

At the Nook Stop under Resident Services, you can trade Miles for Fences. Every day, a new DIY recipe for a fence will surface at random, so make sure to check Nook Stop frequently to gather them all.

How many fences are in Animal Crossing?

There are quite a few options with roughly 19 fences in the game, but not all fences are as beneficial, adaptable, and lovely when laid down.

What should I add to my Animal Crossing island?

Set up gnomes, lights, beehive boxes, a well, pots, a scarecrow, and a bench on your Animal Crossing island. Even a small table may be created for people to enjoy tea amidst the flowers. This will not only increase your island’s score, but you may also gather a lot of flowers in one area to draw in additional bugs.

Can you change the color of fences ACNH?

Many of the different fence types can easily have their colours changed by using customization kits! Unfortunately, there is no way to build fences with many colours because they will not link when placed close to one another.

What is the easiest fence to install?

Wood panel fences are the quickest and most straightforward to erect. Although the wood panels are not usually the least expensive option, installing them simultaneously saves time.

What is the best island in Animal Crossing?

Now for the surprise, which you probably already knew was coming: there is no “ideal” island plan in Animal Crossing New Horizons that you have to select at all costs. In actuality, every island is essentially equal.