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How to Get More Followers on TikTok


If you’re looking to make it on TikTok, this article is for you. We are going to take a close look at each step towards gaining popularity on the app. Being TikTok famous has a lot of perks, such as boosting your brand awareness and creating new ways to earn. 

Define what your audience likes

Original and captivating content is crucial for growing your audience. Obviously, “captivating” is a very relative term, so you shouldn’t make it your goal to attract everybody’s attention. You should find what your crowd will like instead. Having an audience devoted to your content will guarantee their interest in the products or services you offer. 

The right kind of content will have your audience react and engage, as a result. The more people interact with the video, the higher are the chances TikTok will recommend it to other people. But, among millions of users, how do you know who the right people are? 

Define the audience

Defining your target audience is not as hard as it may sound. Just ask yourself the following questions: 

What are you planning on selling? 

If monetizing TikTok is on your to-do list, your content must be related to what will eventually be bringing the money. For example, if you are thinking of creating your makeup brand, you should post makeup tutorials, product reviews and so on. 

Who follows you on Instagram? 

If you are already killing it on Instagram, use it to your advantage. Use the polls in InstaStories to ask them what kind of content they would like to see you make on TikTok. If you can’t ask, just try to analyze your feed and understand what attracts the most attention, read the comments section, and so on. 

Who are your competitors?

If you don’t yet have any audience, look up your potential competitors. Do your research: see what they post, what makes the audience react, what mistakes they are making. Don’t copy, but make conclusions and get inspired. Staying relevant is the key factor of success. The more people engage with the content, the more people the video is recommended to. 

Follow the TikTok trends

TikTok is all about trends. Something is always trending, whether it’s challenges and pranks or dance routines. Take part, if you want to attract new followers. Posting what’s trending increases your visibility and even creates a chance of you going viral. This can end up in a few thousand new followers. As always, don’t just copy and paste. Make your approach to the trend unique, stand out from the crowd. To find the latest trends either scroll through the For You feed or visit the Discover page. 

When it comes to picking the trends you want to join, it’s important to remember they should be somewhat relevant to your brand. A great way to jump in on the trends is using the songs. When users like a song from the video, they will browse other videos that used the song. Make sure you come up on the page. Finding trending songs is easy: click Create and then Sounds. This will take to the page with all the trending songs. 

Be smart about your hashtags

Hashtags are helpful in increasing your chances of being seen. Adding relevant ones to your video captions raises your chances of making it to someone’s For You feed. It will also ensure that people will stumble upon your video, when they browse through the hashtag.  

While there are a lot of general hashtags, it makes more sense to use the more specific ones. Adding a #foryou won’t hurt, but you shouldn’t count on people finding your video among million others with the same hashtag. If your videos are about makeup, make sure to sprinkle some #beautyhacks or #makeuptutorials on top. 

Know when to post

If you want to have an active audience, you have to post when they are most likely to be on the app. This will end up in more likes, comments and shares. Although there are a lot of articles on when the best time to post is, you should still make your own observations. Try posting at a different time and see what brings the best results. Having a TikTok Pro account makes everything easier, because you can see the time table of your followers’ activity on the analytics dashboard. But don’t forget that TikTok displays data in the UTC timezone, so you will have to adjust the calculations. 

Use other social media to promote your TikTok

Use other social media to attract attention to your TikTok content. Add your new TikTok video to your InstaStory and you will easily boost your views, likes and probably get new followers. TikTok makes cross marketing your channel easy, because it lets you download the videos to your phone. Afterwards, you can post it anywhere you like and it will have all your profile info already on it. Apart from posting separate videos to Instagram, you can also make compilations and post them on YouTube. Don’t forget to tell the viewers to like and subscribe at the end!

Collaborate with TikTok influencers

Collaborating with people who have bigger audiences is a great way to grow your audience. TikTok influencers have thousands, if not millions, of followers which can be useful for your brand. There are a lot of brands that are already partnering with popular TikTokers. They make up challenges related to the brand for the influencers to post and this helps in attracting attention to the brand. 

Choose your partner wisely though. You don’t just want to collaborate with someone who has a huge audience, because this won’t be of any use if their audience will not be interested in your type of product. You should also ask them for analytics before making final decisions, as having a huge audience does not guarantee a high engagement rate. If this sounds too daunting for the moment, you can always get TikTok fans for free without verification. 

Use UGC 

UGC is user-generated content and also another great way to spread brand awareness. Launching a challenge for your followers to participate in will not only help build a relationship with your audience, it will also positively influence engagement and the amount of followers. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, nudge them towards sharing content related to your brand. Make sure to share it as well. 

If you have a product that you sell, sharing UGC will help increase brand awareness. You can, for instance, ask your followers to use your product in their next makeup tutorial. You can either use a hashtag to launch a challenge or write about it in your profile bio. Apart from challenges, you can also run a contest. It won’t hurt to make people follow you in order to get entry into the contest. Make sure you offer a good prize as well. 

Engage with content relevant to yours

Another great way to attract attention to your brand is interacting with content that is relevant to yours. Make sure to like and comment, this way people will be able to find you in the comments section and check out your profile. Make sure you post funny or creative comments that will stand out from dozens others. 

A smart move will be, of course, commenting on popular TikTokers’ content, as they have a high engagement rate. This will ensure that your comments are seen by a big amount of people. Put out a cool new video, before you comment though! People might want to check you out after seeing your comment, but it’s the content that will make them click the Follow button. 

Call to action!

Sometimes, posting great content is not enough to gain new followers, so you might want to give them a little nudge in the direction. You can either ask them to follow you directly at the end of a video or just put it in the caption. A simple “follow us for more” usually suffices. 

Use TikTok ads

If you are looking for a fast way to attract new audiences to your brand, try TikTok ads. The app offers a few ad options you can choose from that will ensure that your content is seen by the right audience. 

We have offered 10 tools you should remember on your way to gaining more TikTok followers. Following these steps will boost your visibility, engagement and will open up new opportunities for your brand.

However, remember that, above all this, you have to be creative. Make sure your content is fresh, interesting and fun. The more people like your videos, the more people will be introduced to who you are.

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