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How to Get Relief from Back Pain: 5 Effective Tips to Try


The disability caused by back pain worldwide has increased by a massive 54% from 1990 to 2015. Americans spend more than $50 billion on medical facilities to treat back pain.  Back pain is indeed the 6th most costly condition in America as people with back pains are more likely to avail health care services than people who do not have one.

Back pain is uncomfortable and has affected all age groups in recent times. It might strike because of heavy activity, sudden activity, health problems, surgery and old age. Sometimes it is temporary, while sometimes, it can be an endless hassle.

But some things could be done; good news for the people suffering from back pain. Here is a list of 5 effective ways that shall relieve you from your back pain easily.

Healthy Weight and Diet

An unhealthy diet and negligence to health lead to health problems like obesity. When the BMI increases, the anchoring muscles feel strained to carry the weight.

This strain causes inflammation and leads to back pain episodes. There are also certain types of food products that cause inflammation and lead to back pain.

It is essential to follow a healthy diet and maintain proper body weight. Consume food with anti-inflammatory properties and nutritional value.

Good Posture

Unhealthy posture is a major contributing factor to back pain and lower back pain.

While sitting, standing and walking, have a proper posture. Keep the back straight. Stiff and weak muscles aggravate the problem.

Also, keep a proper position while sleeping. Get adequate sleep, as a lack of sleep also increases back pain. Sleep in a comfortable mattress as it provides a delicate aid to the back.

Pregnancy can also be a leading factor of back pain because, during the pregnancy period, the body’s posture and centre of gravity drastically change. Often, these back pains manifest into chronic pains. Pregnant women are advised to sleep in a proper posture.


Lifting Weights

Be careful while lifting heavyweights. Avoid taking heavy shopping bags or other furniture.

During weight lifting, a strain is induced in the muscles and nerves. It inflicts pain and weakens the muscles further.

Lift weights slowly and prefer lighter weights. Use bags that have broader and stronger handles so that the impact of the weight would not fall on the shoulders much.

Avoid lifting heavy weights altogether, primarily if the back pain has been caused by surgery or the aftermath of an accident.

Avoid Inactivity

Bed rest and proper sleep are indeed needed. But prolonged inactivity does no good. A dormant state of the body further induces back pain.

It is like a vicious cycle. No activity leads to stiff and weak muscles that increase pain. Growing pain does not let exercise happen, and eventually, more inactivity skyrockets the pain.

Therefore, regular exercise is recommended as it cuts down on the episodes of back pain. Walking every day for 30 to 45 minutes is recommended. Also, before going to sleep, stretching exercises can be done. You may contact your physiotherapist for stretching exercises based on the severity of your back pain.

There are some yoga asana like downward-facing dog, sphinx pose and extended triangle for back pain.


Medical Attention

If your back pain lasts for more than a week and seems persistent with no signs of betterment, prefer not to trifle with the delicacy.  Call for a doctor immediately for medication. The doctor shall be able to point out the reason for the prolonged pain and can even prescribe belts, medicines and CBD oil for pain if needed.

It is so because CBD oil helps to alleviate pain by reducing the inflammation and any stress factor that is instigating chronic back pain, as 29% of Americans have deemed stress as the primary factor for lower back pains. CBD then eventually induces relaxed sleep.

Back pain is also a leading cause of workday losses globally because an employee with back pain takes leave at least once a week.

Take away

We have thus provided a few things you can do but consult a physician for acute pain. Minor changes in your lifestyle can make a huge difference but do not take any medication that an expert does not advise. Chiropractic therapy has also gained popularity over the years to curb the ailment.

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