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How to Get Shady Double Saw Harvesting Tool and Eminem’s Slim Shady in Fortnite


How to Get Shady Double Saw

As of December 1st, 2023, the Shady Double Saw harvesting tool is available in the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time. It is part of the Slim Shady bundle that includes the Slim Shady skin and the Shady Boombox Back Bling. The bundle costs 1500 V-Bucks and it is equivalent to $15.

If you are a big fan of Eminem, then you’ll definitely want to pick up this bundle. It’s a great way to show your support for the rapper and to get your hands on some cool new Fortnite items.

Here are the steps on how to get the Shady Double Saw harvesting tool:

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. Go to the Item Shop.
  3. Find the Slim Shady bundle.
  4. Click on the “Buy Now” button.
  5. Confirm your purchase.

The Shady Double Saw harvesting tool will now be added to your inventory. You can equip it by going to your Locker and selecting it from the list of harvesting tools.

How to Unlock Slim Shady in Fortnite:

If you want Eminem’s Slim Shady in Fortnite then follow this step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1:

Open Your Game Start by opening Fortnite on your gaming device. Make sure you’re ready for an exciting adventure!

Step 2:

Type in the Code Go to the designated code section in the game and type in the code: “httpcore/free_skin_pickaxe.” Remember to use underscores (_) between the words “free,” “skin,” and “pickaxe” to make it work.

Step 3:

Enter the Special Code After typing the code, you’ll see a place to enter a special code. Type in “own-0090012210097778890012210909” and press ‘Done.’ Then, click ‘Send’ and wait for a bit.

Step 4:

Report a Bug Now, head to the item shop in Fortnite and choose either Slim Shady or the pickaxe.

Click on ‘Report’: While in the item shop, hover over either Slim Shady or the pickaxe. Click on ‘Report’ to initiate the bug reporting process.

Choose ‘Bug’: Once you’ve selected ‘Report,’ navigate to the ‘Bug’ option from the menu.

Select ‘Shop, Locker, Lobby’: Specify the area of concern by choosing ‘Shop, Locker, Lobby.’ This helps the Fortnite support team understand the context of the issue.

Pick ‘Items or V-Bucks Not Appearing’: Indicate the specific problem by selecting ‘Items or V-Bucks Not Appearing’ from the available options.

Press ‘Continue’: After choosing the relevant category, press ‘Continue’ to move forward in the bug reporting process.

Click ‘Accept’: Confirm your selection by clicking on ‘Accept.’ This step ensures that your bug report accurately reflects the nature of the problem.

Finally, Click ‘Close’: Complete the bug reporting process by clicking ‘Close.’ This wraps up your bug report and notifies the Fortnite support team about the issue you’ve encountered.

Step 5:

Start the Game Jump into a Battle Royale game and wait for the bus to start. Once it does, press down on your D-pad and set a marker near Retail Row.

Step 6:

Jump and Open Chests Jump out of the bus and glide to Retail Row. Find at least two chests and open them. If you can’t find chests in one place, explore nearby areas for more chest locations.

Step 7:

Be Patient Now, it’s time to be patient. Wait for at least two weeks to see Slim Shady in your Fortnite locker. If lots of people are trying to get it, you might need to wait a bit longer – up to two months. But don’t worry; it’ll be worth it!

The Shady Double Saw pickaxe is a double-sided saw with a black and green design. The saw has a sharpened tip and teeth on both sides, making it effective for both cutting and breaking materials. The pickaxe also has a unique sound effect when swung.


With this guide now you know how to get shady double saw harvesting tool and Eminem’s slim shady in Fortnite game.