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How to Get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2


You can get Destiny 2 Silver Leaves during the Solstice event by performing tasks while wearing Candescent armour. This is a new event item for the game. Because you can use them to increase the stat rolls of each piece of your Solstice armour, they are an important currency to gather. You can use them to upgrade each piece of your Solstice armour. Participating in the new activity known as the Bonfire Bash is required in order to transform your Silver Leaves into Silver Ash and make it available for use in Destiny 2, where nothing is as straightforward as it seems to be. The following information will teach you how to obtain Silver Leaves in Destiny 2, how to farm them effectively, and what you can do with them during the Solstice event.

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How to Get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

How to Get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

The acquisition of Silver Leaves is a straightforward process: first, ensure that you are wearing at least one piece of Candescent armour – which is the new Solstice armour; you will obtain the entire set after completing the introductory quest for the event with Eva Levante at the Tower – and then finish any activity in Destiny 2 that is not the Bonfire Bash. The activities of Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Raids, among others, all count toward the collection of Destiny 2 Silver Leaves; however, it is obvious that some activities are more effective than others when it comes to farming for Destiny 2 Silver Leaves; therefore, you will need to be familiar with the most effective farming methods.

How to farm Destiny 2 Silver Leaves

How to Get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

Patrolling a location and completing Public Events are the quickest and easiest ways to farm Silver Leaves in Destiny 2. There are several benefits to having a friend or two on hand to help you with this process, and you’ll be sure to get as many leaves as possible. With only four available, you’ll have plenty of time to collect Silver Leaves during Public Events. Take note of the fact that your storage capacity is limited to 100 at any given time!

The second farming method, provided by Cheese Forever, is by far the greatest, however it requires two characters and an additional player to help. If you don’t possess the Witch Queen expansion, you can still play the Witch Queen campaign task, which is available to all players. To get your farm up and running, follow these steps:

  1. Recruit a teammate to join your fireteam and then load up the Witch Queen campaign task “The Investigation”.
  2. At some point throughout the objective, defeat the Hive Lightbearer Wizard and then instantly switch to your alternate character to complete the mission. There must be no progress made by your pal in the task.
  3. Once you’ve rejoined your companion, speak with Fynch to finish the task. Each of the 14 Destiny 2 Silver Leaves will be awarded 14 times.
  4. Return to your original persona and reunite with your companion after the quest has concluded.
  5. After killing the Lightbearer Wizard, you should have a checkpoint in The Investigation mission. Restart the mission.

The Investigation mission can now be loaded indefinitely, characters switched, missions completed, and so on to earn 14 Silver Leaves every few minutes with this checkpoint in place. Compared to running around the EDZ for Public Events, this farm is by far the fastest, but it also has significantly more requirements.


Can you get silver by playing Destiny 2?

Silver can be purchased in both Destiny 2 and Destiny 1 from platform markets or the Eververse Trading Co. storefront; however, Silver balances across Destiny releases are not shared between accounts in the Destiny world.

Is Destiny 2 pay to win?

It’s important to note that Destiny 2 does not use a Pay to Win model. Even in Crucible, there is nothing you can buy that offers you an advantage over the rest of the players.

How much does 1000 Silver cost in Destiny 2?

500 Silver will cost $4.99 to players. Purchases of 1,000 Silver will cost $9.99 and include an additional 100 Silver, while purchases of 2,000 Silver will cost $19.99 and include an additional 300 Silver. If you buy in bulk, you’ll save money.

Which subclass is best Destiny 2?

New Warlock stasis subclass Shadebinder has risen in our list of greatest PvE subclasses in Destiny 2. Fragments used by the Shadebinder to torment opponents and champions by freezing them in place while also increasing the power of the Shadebinder are an endless source of creativity for the Shadebinder.

What’s the best class for Destiny 2?

Why Hunter is a great game to play. As many as twice as many people play Hunters in Destiny 2 compared to Warlocks and Titans. They’re well-known for their speed, versatility, and stylish capes, among other things. When it comes to your skills, aggression and practicality are at the top of your list.