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How to Get the Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2


During the course of your playthrough of Dying Light 2, you will encounter a number of pivotal situations in which you will be forced to make difficult choices. These choices will determine the conclusion that you will see in the Epilogue. In the most recent tale told by irnpost, there is not always a definitive right or incorrect answer, and it is not always made apparent which choices have an effect on the conclusion and which do not.

Following this, we will take you over everything that can determine which of the 8 (count ’em, 8!) different endings you can get in Dying Light 2. In this chapter, we will provide walkthroughs of how to obtain the very best and very worst endings in the game, as well as talk a little bit about each of the major choices and what they change in the Epilogue. so let’s get started:

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How to Get the Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2

Best ending in Dying Light 2

Given the aforementioned conclusions, the path to the most satisfying conclusion in Dying Light 2 should be relatively obvious at this point:

Mia should be saved, and Hakon should be spared, but Frank should get the VNC Tower.

You must consent to Lawan offering herself as a sacrifice in order to preserve the city and the people who live there. Regrettably, Mia’s death is unavoidable. However, if you chose to spare Hakon’s life, Lawan will still make it out of there alive. Additionally, if you chose to hand the VNC Tower over to Frank, Lawan will decide that it is in his best interest to come with you. The final scene of the game is a cinematic showing you and your partner departing Villedor together. This is the only method out of Villedor that allows you to take Lawan with you, and it is also the only way to save the most people.

How to Get the Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2

Worst ending in Dying Light 2

On the other hand, if you are a genuine completionist, here is how you may earn the worst ending imaginable in Dying Light 2:

Take out Hakon, keep the VNC Tower from Frank, and protect Lawan at all costs.

To tell you the truth, the only option that truly matters here is whether or not Lawan is saved. Mia perishes regardless of whether or not the city is destroyed. Even though you were able to save Lawan, she does not accompany you as you proceed along the lonesome path of the Pilgrim since the Peacekeepers have control over what little is left of Villedor and despite the fact that you saved her, she does not come with you. That’s not easy, my friend.

How to Get the Best and Worst Ending in Dying Light 2


What difference does it make if you kill or spare Hakon?

If you choose to spare Hakon, then towards the very end of the game he will appear to save either Lawan or Mia, depending on who you did not select to save first between the two of them. However, even if Hakon is successful in saving Mia, she will pass away not long after.

If you kill Hakon, no one will come to the rescue of anybody you don’t choose to save, and they will perish in the explosion as soon as it happens. If you decide to choose this course, then you will have no choice but to leave the city by yourself.

What will be different if you provide Frank the keys to the VNC Tower?

If you decide to hand over the VNC Tower to Frank, the Survivors will assume control of Villedor (if that Villedor is still inhabitable – for more information on this, see the following choice), and if Lawan is still alive, she will leave the city with Aiden.

If you hand over the VNC Tower to Jack Matt or Juan, then the Peacekeepers will seize control of Villedor (if the city is still standing), and Aiden will leave the city without Lawan regardless of whether or not Lawan survives.