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How to Use Energy Drinks in Stray


Traditional currencies such as the dollar and the yen are completely worthless in Stray, just like they are in a lot of other video games that take place in a bleak, post-apocalyptic future. Stray is similar to a lot of other video games that take place in a bleak, post-apocalyptic future. Cans of energy drink are used as currency in the game rather than the more conventional coins and bills. These cans can be traded in for one-of-a-kind items in a market that is situated in the slums. By reading this piece, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to make the most of the benefits that energy drinks offer in Stray. So let’s get started:

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How to Use Energy Drinks in Stray

Although the actual contents of energy drinks are not extremely valued, one cannot say the same thing about the packaging that they come in. If the players pay Azooz, the vendor who is located in the marketplace in the slums, a visit, he will strike a deal with them to trade some of his wares for cans of energy drink and give them the difference. To earn the Music Badge and the “Meowlody” award, players must trade in one can of energy drink for the fourth piece of sheet music. This can be done by exchanging one can of energy drink for the sheet music. Players who have an interest in acquiring these items can take advantage of this opportunity.

How to Use Energy Drinks in Stray

An Ancient Relic is also available for purchase, and it can be done so for the price of three Energy Drink Cans. Once it has been located, this relic will make it possible for B-12 to recover one of his lost memories. It is interesting to notice that Azooz’s third and final item, the Electric Cable, cannot be traded in for Energy Drink Cans because this fact prevents them from being interchanged. In Chapter 6, rather than trading in the Electric Cable for a bottle of Super Spirit Detergent, players will need to fix the Broken Tracker and find Doc by exchanging the Electric Cable for the bottle.

How to Use Energy Drinks in Stray


What do you do with energy drinks Stray?

There are several different types of Stray Energy Drinks that may be discovered hiding in vending machines across the Slums. You’ll need these in order to trade for various treasures at the Market Place by Azooz, including the final piece of sheet music for our robot friend who plays the guitar.

How many energy drinks can I get in Stray?

During your time in Stray, there are a total of four distinct Energy Drinks that could potentially fall into your possession.

How do you get the three energy drinks in Stray?

These energizing beverages are housed in four covert vending machines that can be found in the Slums. In spite of the fact that there are a greater number of Stray Vending Machines in this area, only four of them stock these energy drinks. The major location of the third Energy Drink Can is in front of the library by the Sofa. This is the most important place.

Can you wear the poncho in Stray?

In Stray, the Poncho should be worn in this manner: The Poncho is not available for your use, I’m sorry to say. Instead, it is a crucial quest item. After Elliot has asked for a blanket to keep him warm, you are obligated to hand up the Poncho to him. Following the donning of the poncho, he will assist you in mending the broken tracker.

Who is the poncho for Stray?

During your time spent playing Stray, you will come into contact with a number of important individuals, including Elliot. The plot of Stray will eventually lead you to a point where the robot Elliot needs to be warmed up, and you will be responsible for providing him with a poncho to do so. Once Elliot has put on the Poncho, he will, fortunately, be more than eager to assist you in repairing the Broken Tracker.