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Destiny 2

How to Get the Symmetry Rifle in Destiny 2


In Destiny 2, the Exotic Scout Rifle known as the Symmetry has the ability to target specific foes with arc bolts that seek them out. This is one of the most interesting weapons in the game, and it is a lot of fun to use, particularly when there is an arc burn going on. Burns are a type of effect that only appear in material of a higher level, and they increase the amount of damage delivered and received for the corresponding element. This Scout Rifle is not only useful for use in PvE, but it is also an excellent choice for use in PvP. Before now, the Symmetry weapon could only be obtained through participating in Season of Dawn’s seasonal reward track. However, beginning today, it may be purchased at The Tower. This post will walk you through the steps required to acquire the exotic symmetry scout rifle in Destiny 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Get the Symmetry Rifle in Destiny 2

One of the new Exotic weapons that have been added to the game is called Symmetry, and there are two different methods that players can get it. The first way is to buy a Season Pass, and the second is to advance in levels using the free Pass. If you pay the one thousand Silver required to buy the Season Pass, you will immediately be able to access Symmetry because it is part of the very first tier of benefits that you obtain from it. You are, however, in luck if you would like not to spend actual money on it and would rather grind for the rifle in a ‘natural’ method. The Free Pass in Destiny 2 grants you the ability to unlock it at a later time, but in order to do so, you will need to put in a significant amount of additional time playing the game.

How to Get the Symmetry Rifle in Destiny 2

To be more specific, you won’t be able to access Symmetry until you reach rank 35 in the free Pass. Playing the game, defeating foes, unlocking chests, and taking part in other events such as Strikes, Nightfall, Crucible, Gambit, and the Raid are all required in order to move forward in the free Pass ranking system.

Symmetry Perks

This weapon has a fully automatic firing mode. Revolution. Keep holding down the reload button to switch to the Arc Seeker mode. Arc Seekers track towards enemies you target.

The accumulation of Dynamic Charge is accomplished through the execution of precise blows. When you switch to the Arc Seeker mode, your damage output will rise, and your magazine will be partially reloaded based on the quantity of charges you have.

To review, here is what you need to do to acquire Symmetry in Destiny 2:

How to Get the Symmetry Rifle in Destiny 2

  • You can receive the Symmetry Exotic Scout Rifle at the first level of rewards by purchasing the Season Pass for 1,000 Silver. This will put you in the first tier of prizes.
  • You also have the option of ranking up the free Pass all the way to level 35 in order to unlock it.


Can you still get symmetry Destiny 2?

You’ll find information about symmetry in the Shadowkeep Exotics section of the encyclopedia. The weapon may be purchased for a total of one hundred thousand Glimmer, one hundred fifty Baryon Bough, one Ascendant Shard, and one Exotic Cipher. This last substance can be obtained through a seasonal reward track or as a prize from Xur if it is completed successfully.

How do you get the summoner auto rifle?

Rifle Specifications for “The Summoner”

The Summoner, much like other returning Trials of Osiris weapons, can only be acquired through the use of Trial Engrams or by completing the weekly objective of completing seven rounds and coming out on top. After that, you will need 100 Legendary Shards and 20,000 Glimmer in order to decrypt the Engram.

What is the fastest firing gun in Destiny 2?

The finest sniper rifle available in Destiny 2

With an optimal time to kill of 1.17 seconds, the Black Scorpion-4SR is currently the best Scout rifle available in the beta for Destiny 2. Since this is the Scout archetype with the highest rate of fire in Destiny 2 (at least as far as we are aware), you will need to land 6 headshots in order to achieve a time of 1.17.

What is the highest DPS auto rifle in Destiny 2?

The Best Auto Rifles for Use in PvE in Destiny 2. Krait is an exceptional 720 RPM Stasis auto weapon that was introduced in the Witch Queen expansion.

How do you get a 4 star catalyst?

The Statue of the Vassals can be upgraded to level 4 during the event, at which point players will be able to claim their free four-star catalyst. With the assistance of a device known as a Bokuso Box, tourists will be required to investigate Enkanomiya when it is obscured by corrosion and darkness during the event.