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How to Get Top 500 Players Icon in Overwatch 2


If you were playing Overwatch 2 and you came across a player whose emblem was orange and yellow with the number 500, you know the player is one of the top 500 players in the game. But if you don’t have it, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself because Blizzard’s rules have been modified, which is sad. By focusing on the most important aspects of the game and developing your skills, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the highest ranks possible in Overwatch 2. You will gain a competitive advantage and learn how to make vital decisions during challenging matches if you read this book and learn the methods and tactics described in it. The top 500 players symbol in Overwatch 2 may be obtained by following the instructions in this post:

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How to Get Top 500 Players Icon in Overwatch 2

Apply for Top 500:

Players of Overwatch 2 are unable to acquire the Top 500 Player Icon after the competitive play update implemented in September 2022. This changes place in the game. The commemorative sprays and emblems that players won at the end of each season will no longer be available after Blizzard announced that these items will be withdrawn. The top 500 players are included in this list.

Many participants were mystified as to why they did not receive their Top 500 player emblem. However, they had finished the tournament in a position that was substantially higher than 500 out of the total number of participants. Due to the recent change, players who place in the top 500 will no longer receive a medal but will be awarded a player title instead.

How to Get Top 500 Players Icon in Overwatch 2

However, the player icon did not accurately reflect the competitive setting because it was also granted to arcade modes, and you could even obtain it by playing Lucio Ball. This meant that it did not accurately reflect the environment in which the game was played. You might even be able to obtain it by simply playing the game.

Qualify for the Top 500:

In competitive Overwatch 2, being ranked in the top 500 is the best possible position. To be eligible for the Top 500, you must finish 25 games in the Role Queue for each role or 50 games in the Open Queue overall. The leaderboard compiles a list of the most accomplished players from the region. It is unnecessary to be a certain rank to be included in the Top 500. Still, as it is meant to reflect the finest competitive players in Overwatch 2, the players included in the Top 500 are typically ranked Master or Grandmaster.

How to Get Top 500 Players Icon in Overwatch 2

The leaderboards are reset every two weeks, so if you want to stay at the top of the rankings for as long as possible, you’ll need to keep playing the game to keep your title and maintain a high MMR. The region you play in is determined by the servers you play on, and it can be listed on multiple servers.


Why am I not on top 500 leaderboard Overwatch 2?

It is required that the SMS protection on your account be activated in order for you to be eligible for the Top 500. If you do not activate your SMS protection, you will be ineligible to enter the rank list, and we won’t be able to take responsibility for your actions. When you’re playing Overwatch 2, it might be really challenging to track down your ideal boosting partner.

Is Overwatch 2 hard to rank up?

There are various strategies and pointers that, if followed, can make it much simpler to reach the Grandmaster rank in Overwatch 2’s competitive mode. This mode can be quite challenging to rank up in. The tension is high when playing first-person shooters. It might be difficult to deal with the disappointment when you think you’re on a winning streak but then learn you’ve slipped three ranks.

Is Diamond in Overwatch 2 good?

The beginning of High Elo, sometimes known as the lowest tier, is designated as Diamond5. It is true that the ranks have been inflated; notably, Bronze, Silver, and Gold now make up somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of players. Previously, Diamond represented the top 15 percent of the playerbase. This places diamond in the top 10% of OW2/5v5 right now.

Is Overwatch 2 rank based on skill?

The new approach analyzes the player’s level of expertise and assigns them to a position within the hierarchy that is most appropriate for their capabilities. After that, all players need to do to go up the ladder is keep winning ranked games by playing those games. Players now have access to two different types of ranked gameplay in Overwatch 2: Role Queue and Open Queue.

Is Silver 5 good in Overwatch 2?

Silver 5-1: As a reward, players who have achieved the Silver rank receive 125 points toward their overall total. This rank is for players who have a fundamental familiarity with the game and wish to advance their abilities further.