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How To Get Verified on Xbox


If you see a friend or other user on Xbox with a check mark, it appears that they are a verified user. Verified users can only post publicly available content. There is a workaround that is being used to make it appear as though they are confirmed, despite the fact that it may give the impression that they are. Even though there is no such thing as an official Xbox verification, it is possible, via the use of some devious manoeuvres, to give the impression that an account has been checked out.

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How To Get Verified on Xbox

1. Navigate to the account page for your Microsoft account.

How To Get Verified on Xbox

2. To make changes to your name, go to the Profile drop-down menu and then pick Your Info from the menu.

How To Get Verified on Xbox

3. Make a copy of the Invisible Character, and then paste it into the space designated for the First Name. It is necessary to copy and paste the invisible check mark into the space designated for the last name.

How To Get Verified on Xbox

4. Once you have selected the profile you want, click the Save button to generate it. On the Xbox, it will be readable even if it will be invisible on the personal computer.

How To Get Verified on Xbox

5. It is possible that other Xbox users will have to wait anywhere from one to two hours before the check mark appears on their screens.


Can you be verified on Xbox?

Hello. Because Xbox does not have such a certification system, the “confirmed” status that you are seeing is not a true verification. When you come across the words “Verified” and a check mark, it is almost always because someone has chosen to use the term “Verified” as their first name and the unique character for a check mark as their last name.

What does a checkmark on Xbox mean?

People engage in activities such as clicking the “Verified” button because they want you to believe that they have celebrity status. In point of fact, they are not. They are only altering the “actual name” of the person who possesses the Microsoft account to literally ” Verified.”

Do Xbox Ambassadors get paid?

It is difficult to determine whether a volunteer is committed to the activity at hand or responsibility for their own errors. Xbox Ambassadors are not compensated by Microsoft; rather, the Xbox Ambassadors pay Microsoft for the opportunity to represent the Xbox brand. If you do not have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, there is no way for you to become an Ambassador.

What does the 5 mean on my Xbox profile?

This number indicates the number of years in a row that you have maintained an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Congratulations on your 8 years! Thanks.

Can anyone be an Xbox Ambassador?

Someone who advocates for the Xbox platform and works to ensure that gaming remains enjoyable for everyone is called an Xbox Ambassador. You are eligible to become one if you are at least 17 years old, have a Gamerscore that is greater than 1,500, and your Xbox Live account has not been subject to any enforcement actions in the previous calendar year.