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How to Identify Gear in Hogwarts Legacy


There are a lot of role-playing game elements included in Hogwarts Legacy to help players level up and become more powerful as they progress through the game, especially through exploration and side quests. One of these components is the gear system, which gives you the opportunity to find better equipment and improve various aspects of your character based on the equipment you find. Altering the appearance of different pieces of equipment is another way to keep your character powerful while still giving them the appearance you want them to have.

The game Hogwarts Legacy allows you to loot to your heart’s content; in fact, you can even access restricted areas of the castle just to steal a few pieces of gold from a chest that’s minding its own business. This is one of the game’s many unique features. On the other hand, the identities of some of these items of equipment are unknown to you at this time. You will learn how to identify gear in Hogwarts Legacy by reading the information contained in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Identify Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

You will occasionally find pieces of equipment that cannot be identified while you are progressing through the story or exploring the world. These items will continue to pile up until you are unable to carry any more of them. You’ll be happy to know that recognizing gear is as simple as making progress through the main story.

How to Identify Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

It is in your best interest to talk to Professor Weasley as soon as you possibly can in order to gain access to the Room of Requirement. Think of this location as your primary operating base for all of your activities. You will be able to create new items here, as well as tend to animals, organize your wardrobe, and, of course, determine the origin of the various pieces of equipment you find strewn about the valley.

How to Identify Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

She will assist you in setting up the Gear table as well as any other tools or desks that you will require for your studies. If you come across a piece of equipment that is marked with a question mark, put it in your inventory and then head to the table to interact with it. After a brief pause, the right-hand side of your screen will begin to display all of the unrecognized pieces of equipment that have recently become available.

How to Identify Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Proceed with taking a fresh look at your stock now that you are aware of what needs to be done. It’s possible that you have some pieces of equipment lying around that you no longer require, and you can either break them down for materials or sell them to earn extra gold that you can spend at Honeydukes.


Can you change clothes in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you are in the menu for your gear, move your cursor over the article of clothing you want to modify, then press Square on the PS5 or X on the Xbox.

Can we choose your wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

Following a few opening cutscenes and initial quests, you will be tasked with obtaining this magical instrument by traveling to Ollivanders and purchasing it there. You’ll have the opportunity to select your preferred Wand Style, Wood Type, and Core here.

Are there hidden items in Hogwarts Legacy?

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” “Secret Loot” Can Be Found Under the Viaduct Bridge.

All that is required of the students is to use the spell Incendio on each of the braziers and then compare the resulting numbers to the symbols on the manhole cover. When you do this, the manhole will open, and there will be a ladder leading down to the viaduct where there are several chests below.

Can you become evil in Hogwarts mystery?

However, the most important aspect of the quest is that you can choose different paths, each of which will lead to a unique outcome and ultimately your own conclusion. On the other hand, it is not possible to play the role of a true bad guy in Hogwarts Legacy. The objective of the game is to set the player on the path to completing a mission that will result in the world being saved, and your character is the only one who can make this happen.

Can you fly in Hogwarts Legacy?

The ability to soar through the air on a broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy calls for players to not only master the game’s controls but also monitor their stamina while in flight. It is an enjoyable and exciting way to travel around Hogwarts and discover the world that the game takes place in.