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How to Save Laura in The Quarry


In The Quarry, one of the main characters, Laura Kearney, is someone who you will have the opportunity to assist throughout the course of the game. Laura, one of the camp counselors, is one of the people that gets delayed on their trip to the camp at the beginning of the summer. Throughout the game, she goes on quite the journey. Supermassive enjoys providing players with a variety of options. Some of these choices are quite insignificant, such as how you react to a joke told by a friend: with sarcasm or sincerely. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to rescue Laura from The Quarry. So let’s get started:

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How to Save Laura in The Quarry

This is everything the player has to know in order to successfully rescue Laura.

Imprisoned (Chapter 7)

Following the sedation and kidnapping at the hands of the sheriff in the Prologue, Laura wakes up in the same cell as Max. The participant will soon have the chance to interact with Travis and will be presented with a variety of different conversational paths to choose from. During the entirety of them, Laura is required to maintain an appearance of being pleasant to Travis. The important thing is to comply with Travis’s questions, refrain from lashing out, and otherwise play along with him.

How to Save Laura in The Quarry

When Laura is given the chance to move around in the cell, the player has the option of interacting with the bed in the far left corner. If they do so, they will discover a spoon under the mattress. Laura will not be permitted to investigate the police station until she has had another talk with Travis. The player will discover a syringe among Travis’s personal items on the second floor. When Laura returns to the cell, she can use the spoon to dislodge a brick that is loose on the window, so creating a space in which the syringe can be concealed. Continue to sleep as normal. Pretend that you are unwell, perform well in the Quick-Time Events, and then use the syringe to inject Travis with the medicine.

The Homestead (Chapter 9)

In Chapter 9, Laura and Ryan go to the house that belongs to the Hacketts. There, Laura runs into Constance Hackett for the first time. The quick time event is triggered by a conflict between the two. The game must be completed successfully with the player selecting “Shoot Gun” and “Don’t Pull Knife.” Later on, Laura will run into Jediah Hackett, which will trigger yet another set of quick-time events (QTEs) to help her successfully flee and hide from him.

How to Save Laura in The Quarry

The next step for the player is to select “Attack” and “Smash” from the available options. When the player is getting close to the end of the chapter, they will be given the opportunity to put Chris Hackett to death. If you select the “Shoot Monster” option, Chris will be killed, and Ryan and Laura will be freed from the spell that has been placed on them.

The Final Showdown (Chapter 10)

It should come as no surprise that a lot is riding on the outcome of the group’s final showdown with the wolf, which takes place in Chapter 10 of the book.

How to Save Laura in The Quarry

In this part, there are three Quick Time Events (QTEs), and in order to keep Laura alive, the player needs to fail the third QTE. It has been a long and terrifying night in Hackett’s Quarry, but if the player is successful, the night will end with Travis being killed and Laura remaining alive.


How do you cure Laura in The Quarry?

After that, Ryan will have the chance to shoot Chris in the head, which will result in an instant kill. After Laura has finished off Chris, her infection will be cured, and she will express her gratitude to Travis for the fact that he did not use the mirror shard with the silver-backed surface on it to take her own life.

How do you save Laura and Max in The Quarry?

When Laura breaks free from the cell, instruct her to take the syringe with her and to conceal it within the cell. It would be better if she didn’t grab the gun, so that she could just sedate Travis instead of shooting him. Because of this, Travis won’t be able to stab her in chapter 9, and Max won’t end up dying later on.

Should I stop Laura from shooting The Quarry?

It would be best to put an end to Laura’s participation in the scenario and move on. We’ll pick up where we left off once it’s established that you didn’t give Laura permission to shoot the werewolf.

Who is the hardest to save in The Quarry?

Laura Kearney

The protagonist of an outstanding female horror game, Laura, has at least four different ways in which she could die in Chapters 9 and 10, but because of her inextricable relationship with Ryan, it is more difficult for her to survive than it is for other people.

Is Laura a werewolf The Quarry?

In Chapter 9, Laura transforms into a werewolf, but she either recovers when Ryan shoots Chris or she passes away when either Ryan shoots her or Travis stabs her with a shard of silver mirror. This happens fairly instantly.