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How to Play Gridiron Football in Rocket League


Rocket League has been around for a few years, and in that time, many different game modes have come and gone. The most recent addition is a game mode called Gridiron, modeled after American football and created in honor of the forthcoming Super Bowl. Because these limited-time matches feature some of the most significant improvements that Rocket League has ever seen, many players have trouble figuring out how to win them. The video game has evolved into a competitive e-sport, drawing in millions of players and spectators from across the globe. Even the commentary will be similar to what you would hear at an NFL game when watching a pro match. Rocket League looks like a game that Tony Romo would have fun calling. You will learn how to play gridiron football in Rocket League by reading the information contained in this article:

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How to Play Gridiron Football in Rocket League

Teams of four players compete against one another in the limited-time game mode Gridiron in Rocket League. The goal is to score more points than the other team. In most game types, goals are only worth one point each. However, in Gridiron, goals can be valued anywhere from 3 to 7 points, depending on how they are scored. A field goal, also known as a kick, occurs when the ball is not tied to a car when it enters the opposing team’s goal. This is worth three points, whereas scoring a touchdown is worth seven. To score a touchdown, you must first attach the ball to your car and then drive it into the goal while it is still attached to your vehicle (or a teammate’s car).

How to Play Gridiron Football in Rocket League

The first major difference between Gridiron and most other game modes in Rocket League is that you won’t attempt to score by crashing your vehicle into the ball as you would in most other game modes. You instead take possession of it and try to advance it toward the objective, much like a football receiver would. On the other hand, each automobile has an equal chance of playing the role of quarterback, receiver, or even a blocker at any one moment.

The opening kickoff is a free-for-all, with players and cars coming from both goals to try and get their hands on the ball. After being hit, it will attach to the player in a manner analogous to the Rumble mode powerup known as Spike. However, you will lose all of your boosts at this point, making it simple for the opposition side to steal the ball from you by either rushing into you or touching it when it is perched on top of your vehicle. Therefore, if you are close to the goal, you should drive it in quickly for an easy seven-point touchdown. If you are far away, it is time for you to pass.

Gridiron Football: Game Mechanics

Players should not expect to play Gridiron in the same manner as any of the previous Rocket League games. Intricate mechanics are involved, and it may take some time to become accustomed to them. A fundamental comprehension of the mechanics involved in playing football will greatly assist. In gridiron ball, there is no such thing as a “down.” It is a free-for-all between the two teams for the next five minutes. The winner is determined by who finishes with the most points.


In the beginning of the game, just like in any other game, there will be a free-for-all regarding who controls the ball first. However, the team that scored will “kick-off” the ball to the other team after each goal they score. One of the squad players receiving the ball will have it land directly on top of their vehicle. The players will be aware of whether or not they will begin the game with possession of the ball. Collaboration and putting others before oneself will be essential in this stage. Players who cannot receive the ball are expected to provide blocking for the player currently in possession. They should never even think about attempting to take the ball away from one of their teammates.

To achieve optimal results, two of your players should boost up and attempt to block and demolish the enemy team. The quarterback (the player who received the kick-off) needs to take a step back and wait for their blocks to develop before moving forward. The final player can either block the shot or drive wide to the left or right to set themselves up for a pass. It is up to the quarterback to decide whether or not the team should attempt to advance with the ball by driving up or passing it to a teammate. Between goals, players have the opportunity to try to compose kick-off plays.

On the other side of the ball, the team responsible for kicking the ball should make a break for the player carrying the ball or the quarterback. They can take control of the ball by touching it; they don’t need to destroy the car first. Two kicking team members need to aim at the quarterback with their kicks. If the quarterback gets away, one of the players should approach the area gently. Lastly, as is customary, one player should remain behind the others and protect the goal.

Throwing the Ball

In gridiron football, players need to hop and dodge either forward or to the side before they may throw the ball. When you dodge ahead, the ball will flip over to appear like it was just kicked. Dodging to the side will cause the ball to spin quickly in a Tom Brady fashion, making it an excellent option for passing it to a teammate further down the field.

If the player carrying the ball believes they won’t be able to reach the goal before being pushed into by an opponent, they should try to ‘kick a field goal’ by jumping and evading to gain more time. The ball will not go in a straight line forward. It is always guaranteed to have a considerable amount of vertical correction. If you throw the ball directly in front of the net, there is a chance that it will bounce off the top of the net.

Play Defensively on Offense

Players not currently possessing the ball should refrain from attempting to steal it from their teammates. If they are not driving the ball up the field in search of a throw, they should be blocking or serving as offensive linemen. Keep in mind that the ball carrier cannot use its boost to get away from the approaching automobiles. They are putting their faith in their blocks to make a way to the end zone for them.

Players are expected to participate in a scrum if there are many automobiles competing for the ball and the scrum is already in progress. Imagine a group of players scrambling together to recover a fumble at this point in the game. Someone is going to have to step forward with the football. However, once a player has gained possession of the ball, it is the responsibility of their fellow teammate to protect them.

To develop a feel for gridiron football, you’ll need to play at least a few of games. Players will, however, have a great time in this new playlist if they have met teammates that are familiar with the rules of the game and know how to play it. If Gridiron is successful in garnering enough favorable feedback, perhaps it will continue to exist as an alternative game mode alongside basketball and hockey. It is currently planned that the Super Bowl event will come to a close on Monday, February 8th. Be sure to get some game time in while it’s still around.


Do you kick the ball in gridiron?

The offensive team scores a touchdown or field goal. The team who scored first initiates a special play known as a kickoff, in which they pass the ball to the other team. The ball is then punted to the defensive team by the offensive unit. A kick that involves a player dropping the ball and kicking it again before it touches the ground is known as a punt.

What is the aim of Gridiron?

The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. In football, points can be scored in one of four different methods. In a football game, the most important single score is called a touchdown. It is worth six points and gives the side that scored the opportunity to try to get an extra point for themselves.

How do you play 2 on Rocket League?

Launch Rocket League while ensuring that both controllers are connected. When at the main menu, Player 2 needs to push the button on their controller labeled “Options,” “Menu,” or “Start.” After that, Player 2 will join the party, and you can play split-screen Rocket League games online or offline.