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How To Install Minecraft Data Packs


There are a plethora of fantastic options for further customizing your Minecraft gaming. The use of datapacks is one of the most straightforward methods of customizing your server. Datapacks can be used to add new advancements, functions, treasure tables, structures, and other features to your game. This is an excellent alternative to installing mods or plugins on your server because it does not necessitate the installation of software on the client side or the modification of your server’s vanilla Minecraft version. Take note that they are only intended for use with the Java Edition and not the Bedrock Edition. Datapacks can be readily installed on your Minecraft server, and we will lead you through the procedure step by step.

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How to Add datapacks

Finding a pack

  • The pack must be downloaded from a reputable source, such as Vanilla Tweaks or Gamemode 4.

  • Confirm that the datapack you wish to download is compatible with the version of Minecraft that is currently running on your server.
  • Download the pack to a location on your computer that you are familiar with. Although it is typically downloaded as a zip file, do not unzip it.

Uploading the datapack to the server

  • Put an end to your server.
  • Scroll down to the World field and make a note of the names that have been assigned.
  • FTP access to your server files is provided on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Navigate to the datapacks directory, which should be in the world folder (the folder name should match that of the world field indicated in step 2).

  • Check to see that you are opening the world folder that your server has been configured to open. On the main page of the game panel, you can see the name of the planet that your server is now loading by looking in the world field.
  • Drag the datapack that you previously downloaded into the datapacks folder on your computer.
  • As soon as the file has been completely uploaded, return to the game panel and start the server again.


The datapack command was added after 1.13, so these are not relevant for any versions under 1.13.

  • /datapack disable: Disables a datapack of choosing
  • /datapack enable: Enables a datapack of choosing
  • /datapack list: List all of the enabled/disabled datapacks

Common Issues

Datapack doesn’t show in the server

This occurs most frequently when a file is uploaded to the wrong location and hence does not appear in the datapack. Go to your world folder and then to your datapacks folder to ensure that the datapack has been successfully uploaded to your computer. In addition, double-check to make sure you didn’t accidentally unzip the file package. The datapack you’re using should have been developed for the same version of Minecraft as is being used on your server. If you’ve tested both of these and are still having problems, check to see if the datapack you’re using was created for the version of Minecraft that is being used on your server.