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How To Install WhatsApp on Android


WhatsApp is just an application for sending messages, and the only device that can use it is a mobile phone that has a SIM card slot. WhatsApp will not operate properly on a smartphone that does not have a SIM card installed. On the other hand, the WhatsApp Messenger service is compatible with some tablets, namely those that provide a voice calling option. It’s possible to use WhatsApp on an iPad in addition to mobile phones and voice tablets. There are a few different ways to do this. The procedure, although being rather laborious, accomplishes the desired results in a satisfactory manner. The last tutorial walked you through using Blustacks to successfully install WhatsApp on a Windows-based personal computer. However, even that was a little too complicated since it required the usage of Bluestacks, which is an application.

How To download  Install WhatsApp on Android

  • Launch the app for the Google Play Store on your Android device. To access the Google Play Store, go to the Home screen or the Apps tray of your device and press the symbol that is labelled Androidgoogleplay.png.

How To Install WhatsApp on Android

  • Tap the search bar located at the top of the screen. At the very top of the website is a search box that simply says “Google Play.”

  • Try searching for “WhatsApp” on the Google Play store. After you have typed the name of the application, use either the Enter or Return button located on your keyboard. This will provide a list of all the results that match.

  • Simply choose the WhatsApp Messenger app by tapping the INSTALL button in the green box. This should be the first result that comes up when you do a search. Performing this action will begin downloading, and then install WhatsApp on your Android device.

How To Sign in on WhatsApp

  • Using your Android device, launch the WhatsApp Messenger app. The symbol for WhatsApp resembles a green speech bubble with a white phone inside of it. You may discover it in the Apps tray or on the home screen of your device.

  • To continue, you need to click the green button that says “AGREE AND CONTINUE.” This will kick off the process of setting up your account.

  • When asked, tap the CONTINUE button. Because of this, WhatsApp will be able to inquire for permission to access contacts, images, media, and files.

  • Tap the ALLOW button on each of the subsequent pop-ups. This will enable WhatsApp to export your contacts from your phonebook and access any photographs, media, or files that are stored on your device so that they may be shared with your contacts inside your conversations.

  • Please include your working phone number. Either begin with your country’s three-digit country code or choose your nation from the drop-down option to indicate that you are calling from that country.

  • Tap NEXT. You will be prompted at this point to verify your phone number.

  • When the confirmation box appears, tap the OK button. This will send an automatic text message to your phone with a verification code and validate the phone number that you provided.

  • Enter your six-digit verification code. To verify your number, look for a verification code in the automated text message that was sent to you by WhatsApp, and input that code below.

  • To identify yourself, please provide a username. You may create a username for your account by using the keyboard, and then you can confirm it by clicking the NEXT button.


  • To finish, tap the DONE button in the bottom right. By clicking this, your choices will be validated, and you will be sent to your CHATS list. You are now able to begin using WhatsApp to talk with the people in your address book.


Why can’t I get WhatsApp to work?

If your smartphone doesn’t have enough capacity to install WhatsApp, you may try clearing the cache and data in the Google Play Store. Click on Apps & notifications, Google Play Store, App details, Storage, and CLEAR CACHE in the Settings menu of your Android phone or tablet.

Why should I uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp?

The two are unaffected if you remove WhatsApp from your phone. Reinstalling WhatsApp will restore your account and privacy settings to their original state. Additionally, previously blacklisted phone numbers will remain on the list of prohibited calls.

Is there a cost to using WhatsApp?

You may get WhatsApp on your smartphone by downloading the app. In order to utilise the App Store on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to use the Play Store on a tablet running Android. WhatsApp may be downloaded for free.