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How to Join Friends in Remnant 2


The multiplayer mode in Remnant 2 is both extremely similar to the mode found in the original game and also significantly apart from it. Many of the gamers who acquired early copies of the game or early access to the game by purchasing the Ultimate Edition (which appears to have been quite a significant number of individuals) have already expressed their opinion that the online and party elements of Remnant 2 offer basically the same advantages and disadvantages that the previous game did. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to connect with friends in Remainder 2:

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How to Join Friends in Remnant 2

1. Unlocking Online Features

To access Online in Remnant 2, players must first finish the tutorial on their initial playthrough, reach Ward 13, then activate the Worldstone. In addition to being immediately obvious (as the player character should be forced to follow another character into the Worldstone), the game should additionally inform the player that their “session is now joinable.”

How to Join Friends in Remnant 2

From from point on, gamers should check their lobby preferences right away. You can do this from the Main Menu (the character pick screen) or from within the game by going to the System menu and toggling the ‘Game Session’ box from ‘Offline’ to ‘Public’ or ‘Friends Only’.

2. Pick A Method To Join Another Game

First things first, let’s go through the three different methods that a person can quickly and join the public or friends-only lobby of their friend:

  • Bringing together through the use of the Worldstone
  • Participating in the game via utilizing the overlying game service (such as Steam, Epic Games, Playstation, Xbox, etc.).
  • Through the use of the gaming service overlay, accepting an invitation.

Joining Through Worldstone

The first choice, connecting via Worldstone, is the easiest. Once players are able to join lobbies, they can reach this menu by interacting with any huge Worldstone (most players use the one in Ward 13), and there should be a ‘Join Game’ option at the bottom right-hand side of the radial World Map selection.

How to Join Friends in Remnant 2

When players click this, a list of available Joinable lobbies will appear, along with information about the host, the game mode (Campaign or Adventure), the world’s Power Level, and the number of players in the lobby. Fortunately, it’s easy to tell which lobby belongs to a friend because their screen name will appear next to the map’s name if they’re added to the player’s friends list.

How to Join Friends in Remnant 2

Joining Through The Overlay & An Invite

The other two methods are similar to how they would work in any other game, albeit creating a new Party and inviting friends is simpler on Xbox and PlayStation than trying to join an existing one through the overlay. It’s worth noting that at the time of writing, users on PS5 are reporting that they can’t even find an invite option; as a workaround, they can use the Worldstone to hop into their friends’ lobbies.

How to Join Friends in Remnant 2

Steam and the Epic Games Store make it even simpler. Right-clicking on a friend’s name in the friend’s list (Steam) or the player’s profile picture (Epic) should yield the ‘Join Game’ option if the lobby is currently available.


Does Remnant 2 have a local co-op?

We regret to inform you that Remnant 2 does not support any type of local co-op, including split-screen or couch co-op. The third-person adventure solely promises online cooperative play, and that’s exactly what players may have in Remnant 2 if they so choose.

Is Remnant 2 solo-friendly?

The second installment of the Remnant series is an online multiplayer game. Even said, if you’re interested in experiencing the journey on your own, playing the game solo is entirely possible and shouldn’t present any difficulties.

How does multiplayer work in Remnant 2?

Select a region by placing a World Stone there: The ‘Join Game’ option is available at any World Stone checkpoint you may visit. Nodes representing the many biomes and regions of Remnant 2 surround the Quick Match selections. Choose one to link up with a compatible player in the region right now.

What is the strongest class in Remnant 2?

The Handler is unquestionably the most powerful character class in Remnant 2. At first glance, it appears to be a normal, easy choice; after all, its defining feature is his trusty canine sidekick.

Why is Remnant 2 so popular?

Remnant 2 takes some risks, and not all of them pay off, but it remains true to its predecessor’s formula. It’s still a decent shooter with a fascinating setting, packed with difficult boss fights, interesting weapons, and a wealth of secrets to unravel.