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How to Lose The Cops in GTA Online


When playing a Grand Theft Auto game, gamers should expect the police to be a constant source of frustration. They employ a wide variety of strategies with the intention of keeping the players in line. Players have, over the course of the game’s history, devised a variety of strategies to lower their wanted status and keep the authorities at away. The story mode of Grand Theft Auto V is not at all comparable to the experience that you will have while playing GTA Online. Even while players are wrecking havoc in the city of Los Santos in both of the game’s modes, GTA Online provides significantly greater opportunities for individual expression and autonomy. This article will walk you through the process of escaping from the police in GTA Online. So let’s get started:

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How to Lose The Cops in GTA Online

In GTA Online, the police may be an exceptionally frustrating adversary. In most instances, players should avoid interacting with law enforcement, whether they are planning a heist or just trying to go from point A to point B. However, the techniques of escaping from the police in the online version of Grand Theft Auto V function in a different way. The following is a list of the most effective strategies that we discovered for evading the police in GTA Online.

1. Calling Lester

In Grand Theft Auto Online, one of the most tried and true methods of evading the police is to call an old friend named Lester. Lester is a character in Grand Theft Auto Online who is familiar to any player who has even dabbled in the game. He acts in a capacity similar to that of a job coordinator for the players in Los Santos, and he is capable of being of great assistance in a wide range of circumstances.

The only thing that gamers need to do in order to use this strategy is to bring up their cellphone when they are being hunted by the police. Call Lester after going into the Contacts section, scrolling down until his name displays, and then exiting the Contacts section. If you choose the menu item labeled “Remove Wanted Level,” he will make the stars in the top-right corner of the screen vanish.

How to Lose The Cops in GTA Online

Players must abstain from committing any wrongdoing in the moments immediately preceding or following their call to Lester in order for this approach to work correctly. Even after phoning Lester, a player who is actively committing a crime by, say, driving a stolen automobile and then calls him to lower their wanted level will still have a wanted level of one star. This is because the player is still actively performing the crime. Players should also make sure they are not in close proximity to law enforcement; instead, they should work to create as much distance between themselves and the authorities as they can before calling Lester. Please keep in mind that you cannot use this strategy to complete the majority of the story objectives or heists in the game.

2. Going underwater

In the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most efficient ways to evade capture by the authorities is to travel to a body of water and then completely submerge oneself below the water’s surface. In Grand Theft Auto Online, one can take use of the same strategy. When attempting this strategy, the most important thing to keep in mind is to delve completely beneath the surface. Even if the player enters the water and swims around in it, the law enforcement officers will be able to keep track of where they are.

Obviously, this also implies that players need to keep a close eye on how much oxygen they have in their bodies. Players have a responsibility to make every effort possible to ensure that they only come up for air when they are located outside of the visual cone that the police have established on the map. Players can get around this restriction by donning a diving suit. This feature is exclusive to GTA Online and it provides players with an unlimited supply of oxygen when they are submerged. To make use of this article of clothing, players need to remember to put on their diving suits before entering the sea.

How to Lose The Cops in GTA Online

This demands some forward preparation on their part. A scuba suit is an item that may be purchased by players at Ammu-Nation as well as other apparel retailers. It is highly advised that the suit be saved as a custom outfit so that it can be equipped fast. This strategy will work throughout story missions and heists; but, there are occasions when players are nowhere near the ocean, and as a result, it is not assured that this will be feasible if players have the police on their tail.

3. Bribing the police

Bribing the police in GTA Online is the most expensive method for escaping from their pursuit. Players need to be either registered as a CEO or a VIP for this strategy to be effective. Players have the opportunity to become any one of these through the interaction menu’s SecuroServ option. In order to attain the position of chief executive officer, one must first acquire an executive office, which costs a minimum of one million dollars. It is considerably less difficult to become a VIP; all you need is $500,000 in the bank and you don’t even need an office.

When players have reached the level of CEO or VIP, the interactive menu becomes accessible to them, and they can view a whole new set of options if they do so. One of them is referred to be “Bribe Authorities,” and using it will immediately remove whatever desired level the player may have. However, given that this is never a low-cost alternative, it tops the list of methods in terms of their associated costs.

How to Lose The Cops in GTA Online

Even for a relatively low desired status, such as two stars, the fee to bribe a police officer might be close to $15,000. Therefore, if players have money that is quickly disappearing through holes in their pockets, this is possibly the quickest way to lose the cops. Sadly, you can’t use it during story missions or heists because it’s not available. Players can phone Lester and select the “Cops Turn Blind Eye” box in order to take advantage of a more cost-effective method for bribing the police. This will make any level that is wanted disappear, but it will cost approximately $5,000.


Why is it so hard to lose the cops GTA?

The primary cause of this is the presence of other players, who can either bring their own officers to the area around you or give you a Wanted Level when you enter a vehicle owned by them.

How long does it take to lose the cops in GTA 5 Online?

When the blue strobes on the minimap stop flashing, you can no longer see the police officers because they are represented by blue radars surrounding the blips that represent them. You will ultimately get rid of all of the police officers after about a minute has passed. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can avoid being seen by the police by taking cover in the bushes or traveling through the dark tunnels.

Can you get 6 stars in GTA 5?

In any case, there is no such thing as a desired level with six stars—at least not in GTA V. The most recent Grand Theft Auto game uses a rating scale that only goes up to five stars, whereas previous games had a system that went up to six stars. This information has never been concealed; ever since Grand Theft Auto V was launched, players have been aware that there is only a maximum sought level of five stars.

What is 1 star in GTA 5?

One Star. When a player’s desired level drops to one star, it means that the person is suspected of committing a “minor” crime. The player will be pursued by the police or the army (if Fort Zancudo is nearby), and an effort will be made to place the player’s character under arrest by holding them at gunpoint.