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How to Make a Portal in Minecraft


In the midst of all the virtual splendour that seems to go on forever in Minecraft’s plains, mountains, and jungles, there lurks a menacing shadow. Forts, treasures, and special resources can be found among the demons and otherworldly beings. How to construct a gateway in Minecraft so that you can enter these shady regions is explained here.

To go to the Nether and End biomes, you’ll need to construct two portals. There are a number of items from Nether Fortresses that are required to construct an End Portal before you may return to an End Ship, and finding these items might be a challenge. A Nether Portal must be built initially.

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Build a Nether Portal: Mine obsidian blocks

As this is a lengthy procedure, we have broken it down into four sections.

The frame of your Nether Portal is made of obsidian blocks. If you want to get obsidian, you’ll need a diamond pickaxe, a bucket of water, and a pool of lava.

Step 1: Gathering water is the first step in the process.

Step 2: Find a lava puddle and use the water to douse it.

Step 3: Once the lavas have cooled, use the empty bucket to collect the water.

Step 4: Use a diamond pickaxe to dig up the resultant obsidian.

Build a Nether Portal: Create flint and steel

Light the obsidian frame and construct a Nether Portal by using this. You’ll need iron ore and gravel for this task. To find flint in gravel, use everything you can get your hands on, including your hand. To make iron ingots, or billets, the ore must be melted in the Furnace.

Step 1:In order to begin, you will need to open your furnace.

Step 2:The iron ore should be placed on the top square.

Step 3:Put any kind of burning material in the bottom square. This might be anything from wood to charcoal.

Step 4:Drag the iron ingot to the bottom of your inventory.

Note: The Furnace may produce many iron ingots at once if you use more than one iron ore and one fuel at a time, as demonstrated above. Furnace smelting will continue until all resources are exhausted or the Furnace is shut down.

Now that you have flint and iron ingots, you may start making the flint and steel tool.

Step 5:Next, you’ll want to get your hands on your crafting supplies.

Step 6:In the top square of the left column, place one iron ingot

Step 7:Place a flint rock in the centre of the middle column.

Step 8:The flint and steel instrument is now in your inventory, so you may use it.

Build a Nether Portal: Create a fire charge (optional)

Optional, but necessitates the use of an ingredient dropped in the Nether in order to ignite the obsidian frame. Take the following items and follow these steps:

Crafting Table’s middle square may be used to create blazing powder by placing a flame rod in it. A Blazing drops a blaze rod as a reward for protecting a Nether Fortress.
When a Creeper is killed or a chest is opened, gunpowder can be found.
There are 4 to 15 blocks of coal ore beneath the surface, which is where the coal is mined.

Step 1:The first step is to open your crafting area.

Step 2:A single gunpowder is placed in the left-most square in the top row.

Step 3: In the top row, in the middle square, place one blazing powder.

Step 4:Place a coal in the top row’s right-hand square.

Step 5:Drag the three remaining fire charges into your inventory.

Step 6: Repeat these steps as necessary.

Build your Nether Portal

A total of 14 obsidian blocks are needed to complete the frame. Any obsidian block facing inward can be ignited once the structure is completed.

Step1: Place four blocks of obsidian on the ground.

Step 2:Build four obsidian blocks on top of the left block on the ground. This results in a five-block column.

Step 3: Stack the right block with four obsidian blocks, starting from the ground. This results in a five-block column.

Step 4: Use two obsidian blocks to join the two columns together.

Step 5: Select the flint and steel or the fire charge from your inventory and move it to the Hotbar.

Step 6: To get the portal going, follow these instructions:

  • Using the right mouse button, right-click on any obsidian block on the PC.
  • Select an obsidian block, then hit the left trigger button on the console.
  • Tap on the inside side of any obsidian block on your mobile device.

Step 7: Go all the way to the other side of Minecraft in this last step.

Please keep in mind that one block in the Nether is equivalent to eight blocks in the Overworld.



Is there a heaven Portal in Minecraft?

It’s impossible to build a portal to heaven! In the Nether, a hell-like dimension, you can create a gateway to enter. You have the ability to construct a gateway to the End, a hazardous location populated by dragons and the End Stone. To go to Heaven, you need a mod, which I don’t even know about.

How do you use the crying obsidian Portal?

In the Nether, unless you recharge Crying Obsidian, you can respawn four times before it runs out of energy. Remember that the only way to mine weeping obsidian in survival mode is with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Nether portals cannot be constructed using Crying Obsidian.