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How To Make The iPhone Alarm Volume Louder


I use the alarm function on my iPhone a lot, and I’m guessing you do as well. The Clock app on Apple’s devices may also function as an alarm clock. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the alarm since it is too quiet. Is the Clock app unable to awaken you in the morning? You could be seeking for a solution to make your alarm sound louder. This post is for you if you believe that you are experiencing issues with your alarm volume.

It’s critical that we get a few things out of the way first before moving on. The alarm sound will not be affected by the Do Not Disturb mode, and the physical Ring/Silent switch will not be affected by the Do Not Disturb mode. Even if both of these options are selected, your alarm will still sound at the level you specify.

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How to Adjust Alarm Volume Louder on iPhone

Step 1:To begin, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and select General. Scroll down a little bit in the Settings menu and select “Sounds.” If you don’t see the “Sounds” option, select “Sounds & Haptics” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: The “Ringer and Alerts” slider may be found on the “Sounds” page of the game. Drag this slider to the left if you want to lower the loudness of your alarm. Drag the volume slider to the right to raise the volume level.

Step 3: As an alternative, you may adjust the level of your alarm by pressing and holding the physical volume buttons on your iPhone. Turn on the “Change with Buttons” option on the “Sounds” screen in order to be able to do this action.

Additionally, you may now modify the alarm volume by pressing the volume buttons on your iPhone.

Time To Check Connected Devices

The solution provided above should resolve your issue. If this does not occur, verify the Bluetooth devices that are linked to the computer. Typically, if you have a Bluetooth device (such as headphones or speakers) connected to your iPhone, the alarm will play via both your iPhone’s speaker and the speaker of the linked device. However, it is possible that this will not occur owing to a glitch. So go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn off the Bluetooth device to test whether the alarm volume returns to normal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the alarm on my phone so quiet?

Going into the device’s settings, selecting “Sounds & Haptics,” and then increasing the level under “Ringer and Alerts” should resolve the issue. It’s possible that the volume has been reduced to its lowest setting without any obvious cause to do so. An suspected issue enables the iPhone alarm to sound so silently that you may not even notice it is going off.

Does iPhone volume affect alarm?

Check the volume of your phone’s ringer. It’s a little-known truth that the volume control on your iPhone for music, films, and games does not regulate the level of your alarm. That is the responsibility of the ringer. As a result, turning up your volume to the maximum setting will do nothing to assist you in waking up, even if your alarm is set to a song.