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How to Make The Under Your Skin God Roll in Destiny 2


Under Your Skin is a Legendary Bow in Destiny 2 that may be used by any player and is considered to be among the game’s best. The Energy slot is occupied by this Void weapon, which can be equipped at any time. Under Your Skin can come with a wide variety of various Perks, but the God Roll is only possible with a certain combination of those Perks. The Guardians are fortunate in that they have a simple time acquiring this potent Bow. In Destiny 2, you will learn how to make the Under Your Skin God Roll with the assistance of this guide. So let’s get started:

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How to Make The Under Your Skin God Roll in Destiny 2

There is no need for the Guardians to be concerned about locating the God Roll for Under Your Skin. Acquiring three different Deepsight iterations of this weapon is required in order to obtain the pattern needed to build this Bow. Either players can obtain them as loot from PsiOps Battlegrounds or they can concentrate on an Umbral Engram once every seven days. Guardians can create the weapon in The Enclave in Destiny 2 by completing or dismantling all three Deepsight copies of Under Your Skin. This unlocks the ability to craft the weapon.

How to Make The Under Your Skin God Roll in Destiny 2

Roll God’s Eyes Under Your Skin

This build prioritises cutting down the amount of time that passes in between each shot fired with the Bow. Because it features a Precision Frame, Under Your Skin has a longer draw time than other weapons, but its damage output is significantly higher. Because this Bow does not require any damage Perk, Guardians are free to spend their attention on other Traits. Destiny 2’s PsiOps Battlegrounds offer a variety of different weaponry, all of which come equipped with the Origin Trait Land Tank. The finishing strikes dealt with Under Your Skin provide the target greater Resilience as well as enhanced damage resistance against the attack.

How to Make The Under Your Skin God Roll in Destiny 2

Unrelenting can be used in favour of Archer’s Tempo by Guardians who want to increase their chances of surviving in PvE content. When multiple enemies are quickly dispatched, this perk will cause your health to regenerate.


What is the god roll title Destiny 2?

During the Guardian Games 2022, Destiny 2 received a brand new Submachine Gun called The Title. Since it provides Void damage and occupies the Energy slot, this submachine gun is an ideal choice for builds that place a strong emphasis on the Void element. Additionally, it works well with the Silicon Neuroma, a weapon that became available with the release of Season 16’s Nightfalls.

Does XUR sell god rolls?

This weekend, Broken Xur from Destiny 2 will be selling a God Roll weapon that is essential to have. Information and commentary regarding computer and video games, television and film, and the internet. New! If you follow this author, you will always be updated on their most recent stories.

What is the hardest title to get in Destiny 2?

Even while Red Rover is widely considered to be the most challenging of the lot, its requirements are still quite low in comparison to those of other raid titles. Those fireteams that are successful in clearing out this raid will have little trouble earning this title. Having saying that, it is still a title earned by raiding. For more casual players, completing peak PvE material like this can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

What is the biggest boss in Destiny?

It is possible that Forsaken is the best addition for Destiny 2, and Riven is by far the most challenging final monster in the game.

Is under your skin good Destiny 2?

Under Your Skin is a superb bow for use in PVE activities in Destiny 2, all things considered. It is particularly useful when used with Void 3.0 subclasses, although it is adaptable enough to be useful in any construction. It possesses a Land Tank Origin Trait that is of high quality. Additionally, as it can be crafted, it is simple to acquire the roll that best suits your needs.