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Destiny 2

How To Skate Off Flat Ground In Destiny 2


The video game Destiny requires its players to do bizarre manoeuvres in order to gain the ability to fly. If you are able to carry out those actions, then you have a really impressive skill. When you have a ground skate, you can skate anywhere off of the flat ground as long as there is enough space. Although utilizing the controller is not recommended as the technique for completing this work, it is feasible to do so. The mouse wheel is the approach that is favoured for completing this task. With the assistance of this guide, you will be able to figure out how to skate off of flat ground in Destiny 2. So let’s get started:

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How To Skate Off Flat Ground In Destiny 2

How To Skate Off Flat Ground In Destiny 2

You need the first sword, and it needs to have an eager perk edge for this to work. This sword can be obtained by completing the Dares of Eternity and turning in Keys that you have collected. If you are playing the game on a personal computer, we advise you to bind the jump key to the up arrow on the scroll wheel.

How To Skate Off Flat Ground In Destiny 2

The Warlock will go first in the skating competition. In order to successfully complete this skate, you must first jump, perform a light attack, then jump once more, and then activate your super. Because of the requirement to complete this task in a reasonably short amount of time, the scroll wheel is your best bet for completing this jump.

How To Skate Off Flat Ground In Destiny 2

Moving on to the skating with the Hunter. You will need to have the stasis subclass with the Shatterdive aspect active on your character. You are going to travel significantly further if you use the triple jump and the Stomp-EE5 move. The procedure is exactly the same as it was with Warlock. You must begin by jumping, followed by a light attack, another jump, and then a Shatterdive. The hunter skating style is significantly simpler to execute well. The upside of this trick is that you do not require a ledge in order to perform it, despite the fact that it is more difficult to pull off than ordinary skating because you cannot get the same speed out of it.


How do you use the glider in Destiny 2?

Simply approach one of these vehicles, and then press and hold the “X” button on Xbox One or the “Square” button on Playstation 4 to enter it. This will allow you to utilise it.

Can you still sword skate in destiny 2?

Through the use of this fast guide, Destiny 2 players will be able to learn how to sword skate across all characters and also how to polish their technique on each class. The 30th Anniversary Pack adds a large number of new weapons to Destiny 2, many of which were inspired by Halo and other games developed by Bungie in the past. Destiny 2 receives regular updates that bring new content.

What DLC is being removed from Destiny 2?

As a direct consequence of this, the Red War campaign, the Warmind expansion, the Curse of Osiris expansion, and the Forsaken expansion have all been archived within the Destiny Content Vault. In addition, certain locales, raids, and activities have been removed from the game altogether.

Is Lightfall the end of Destiny 2?

The event known as “Lightfall” serves as the game’s “semi-finale” for the first major story arc, and we are excited to see how everything comes together in the game’s “grand finish.”