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How to Match Flames at Temples on Fortnite


There are two hidden temples in the forest, and while exploring one of them, you’ll get a Fortnite match flames prompt to open a closed door. However, as there is no additional information to explain what this actually means, it’s possible that you won’t be able to proceed further inside the shrine. That would be a huge shame because they contain many helpful things for the Fortnite game that are buried deep within them. These items can provide a significant strategic advantage if you can figure out the code to access the cache contained within them. Reading this article, you will learn how to match flames inside of a temple in the game Fortnite game. So let’s get started:

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How to Match Flames at Temples on Fortnite

At the hidden temple:

You must approach the first door of the Hidden Temple and ‘donate a deserving item’ of Rare (blue) rarity or higher to open it. This item will be traded with the NPC guarding the entrance in exchange for admission. Once you are inside, descend to the lower level next to the plank of wood. There, you will discover a variety of chests to open as well as four braziers that are burning. Make sure to keep track of which braziers are burning, as you will need to repeat the sequence later on.

How to Match Flames at Temples on Fortnite

Climb back up to the platform where you found the piece of wood. To unlock the next door, you must present an item of a Legendary (orange) rarity or above. Hopefully, you were able to find something useful in the chests that were down below. After passing through that door, you can descend into a temple containing four braziers, each of which must either be lit or extinguished to follow the pattern you saw earlier. When you get all of them to work together, the last door will rumble open, allowing you entrance to a room with three rare and six standard chests. This will allow you to pack your inventory full of useful stuff.

How to Match Flames at Temples on Fortnite

At the Southern Temple:

Some steps on the east side lead down to a locked door within the Southern Temple. In order to open the door, you will need to “give a worthy item,” which means handing up an item of Epic (purple) rarity or higher, which will be destroyed in the process. The next chamber contains five fireplaces, along with another locked door that instructs you to ‘find flames’ and match flames’ in order to open it. To accomplish this, you will first need to examine the two floors directly above you, where a matching set of five braziers is arranged, and then you will need to extinguish the braziers that are located underground so that their pattern is consistent.

How to Match Flames at Temples on Fortnite

If you have successfully matched the flames, the door will rumble open, and you will find yourself standing in front of… another locked door! This final challenge instructs you to “seek statue” and directs your attention to the effigies on either side of the door; however, you can only engage with one of them. You will be transported above the Southern Temple if you choose the incorrect statue. If this happens, you must descend and select the other statue. Even though your choice of the statue may be random, I’ve had the most success with the statue to the left of the door while you are facing it. You can access the vault inside once you have opened this last door. Inside the vault is a large pile of rare chests that contain a variety of goodies for you to choose from.

How to Match Flames at Temples on Fortnite


How do you ignite the flames in Fortnite?

You can quickly set structures ablaze in Fortnite by picking up Fireflies and tossing them towards the constructions. You will be able to bring down walls and other’structures’ as the fire continues to spread. Because of the way that buildings are destroyed by fire in Fortnite, certain structures are better suited for this particular task than others.

What does it mean to find the flames in Fortnite?

After you have solved all of the puzzles, the vault will open, granting you access to up to three rare chests, up to three common chests, and some rare ground loot.

How do you warm yourself on fire in Fortnite?

To begin with, though, it might not be entirely evident how you can keep warm by the fire that is located in the middle of your screen when you are in the cabin. You can accomplish this by clicking on the nutcracker who is seated in his chair on the right; when you do so, it will say ‘Happy Winterfest’ above him.

What level are the flames on Fortnite?

When you reach level 400, for example, you will begin to notice noticeable flames flashing around your in-game level in matches. This, in a nutshell, indicates that your Fortnite level is now on fire.