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How to Mute Yourself on a Zoom Call


When you are taking part in a video conference using Zoom, there may be moments when you need to mute your microphone. This may be necessary if you need to cough, reduce background noise, or simply be courteous while other people are speaking. The steps to muting (or unmuting) yourself on Zoom are as follows:

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How to Mute Yourself on a Zoom Call

Using the Zoom Toolbar

You’ll need to pull up the toolbar in order to silence yourself when you’re participating in a Zoom meeting. If you’re using a computer with Windows or a Mac, you may bring up the Zoom window by moving your mouse over its icon. To access the toolbar on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, tap the screen until it appears.

Find the button labelled “Mute” that’s located on the toolbar. It looks like a microphone. The toolbar can be found along the bottom of the screen or window on a Mac, PC, web client, or smartphone. The toolbar is located at the very top of the screen while using a tablet. Simply select the “Mute” button using your mouse or touchpad.

How to Mute Yourself on a Zoom Call

The icon for Mute will transform into a microphone with the mute button crossed off, and the text will be updated to say “Unmute.” Your microphone has been muted, and you will no longer be audible to anyone else on the line.

Simply click or tap the “Unmute” button located on the toolbar to restore functionality to your microphone.

How to Mute Yourself on a Zoom Call

After selecting “Unmute,” your microphone will become operational once more, and those who are participating in the call will be able to hear what you have to say.


Can I make myself mute?

You can do it too if you practise by listening more and talking less. You shouldn’t put too much stock into what other people have to say. If you don’t even bother to take them seriously, you might wake up one day and find that you have lost your ability to speak. There is no obligation for you to make conversation.

Where is my mute button?

If you have an Android phone, the call screen is where you may access the option to mute your phone. On your call screen, you’ll find a variety of buttons, including one to mute the call (circled below). It’s a microphone that has a line drawn through it like an x. You can mute and unmute your phone by clicking on this button. Thank you.

How do I mute my computer using the keyboard?

When you press “CTRL+SHIFT+M,” the “Mute Volume” keyboard shortcut will be activated, and your system volume will be muted. When you press “CTRL+SHIFT+U,” the “Unmute Volume” shortcut will be activated, and using it will unmute the volume on your system.

Why is my laptop on mute?

There could be a number of issues causing the audio on your laptop to stop working, including the following: It was possible to turn down the loudness. It’s possible that the internal speakers aren’t working properly. It’s possible that Windows is transmitting sound to the incorrect audio device.

Can someone tell if you mute yourself on a call?

Unless they tell you, you won’t have any idea what’s going on. Rukbat likes this. You have been muted if you are unable to hear them; hence, if there is an abrupt cessation of the background noise, you have been muted. (They are unable to silence you so that they can not hear what you are saying.)