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How to Pick the Locks in Hogwarts Legacy


In the beginning of the open world Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy, players will come across a number of locked doors, but they will not be able to open these doors until they have learned the Alohomora spell. Alohomora, the Unlocking Charm, is one of the many spells that can be found in Hogwarts Legacy, which includes many of the spells that can be found in the Harry Potter books and movies. The majority of the work required to acquire new spells in Hogwarts Legacy comes in the form of completing the game’s main story quests, side quests, and assignments. The introduction of new spells enables players of Hogwarts Legacy to accomplish more objectives and triumph over more challenges within the game, which in turn opens up new regions that they were previously unable to access. In this article, we will walk you through the process of picking locks in Hogwarts Legacy. So let’s get started:

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How to Pick the Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

1. You need to find a way to unlock the Alohamora Spell before you can pick locks. After completing the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest, you will be granted access to this spell. You will receive this quest from Gladwin Moon, which will allow you to access a wide variety of previously unavailable options. Literally.

2. To begin, you will need to have a conversation with Gladwin Moon, who is located close to the revolving staircase.

3. After that, he will instruct you to watch the statue of Demiguise and take careful note of the ways in which it transforms.

How to Pick the Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

4. Proceed to the statue, where you can acquire the Demiguise Moon.

5. Keep following Gladden Moon, who will lead you to a door that is locked and then ask you to take care of two more people. Demiguise Statues

6. You will now be tasked with finishing the Lock Pick Minigame. Good luck!

7. You will need to turn the gears until you hear a reaction from the lock, then you will need to stop turning the gears and allow the door to unlock.

How to Pick the Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

8. Gladwin Moon is the one who can teach you the Alohamora Spell.

9. After you have unlocked the door and entered the room, proceed to cast your Disillusionment Spell.

10. Proceed up the stairs to the restroom, then turn the key in the lock to discover the second Demiguise Statue hidden inside.

How to Pick the Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

11. Turn around and go back to the very first room you entered; from there, ascend the staircase to reach the Hospital Wing.

12. Enter the building and keep a close eye out for anyone you recognise as you make your way to the back of the room, where the final Demiguise Statue is located.

How to Pick the Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

13. Return to the area where Gladwin Moon is located and hand over the Demiguise Moons to him in order to finish the mission.


How to unlock puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy?

To complete the puzzle and open the door, you will need to answer a math question, and the solution will need you to select the appropriate animal symbol from the rollers located next to the doors. By successfully completing the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors, you will be able to unlock them and gain access to hidden rooms that contain treasure chests for you to open.

How to learn Alohomora Hogwarts Legacy?

After you have finished The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Quest, Caretaker Gladwin Moon will teach you Alohomora and you will be able to use it. If you have successfully completed the Trial of Percival Rackham in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be allowed to accept this Quest. You’ll locate Caretaker Gladwin Moon in the area near the Moving Stairs in the Welcoming Hall, which is also where this Quest will begin for you.

In Hogwarts Legacy, it is possible to gain access to Avada Kedavra, also known as the Killing Curse and the most powerful of the Unforgivable Curses, by completing the quest line presented by Sebastian Sallows. As was alluded to before, in order to gain access to Avada Kadavra, it will be necessary for you to perform a few optional tasks for a student at Slytherin named Sebastian Sallow.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiple endings?

The Hogwarts Legacy story has three possible conclusions, but they’re not that dissimilar from one another. The choices you make in the last few minutes of Hogwarts Legacy will determine which ending you get to experience.

Who is the main villain in Hogwarts Legacy?

The main adversary of the 2023 video game Hogwarts Legacy is a character named Ranrok. He is the commander of a goblin insurgency that is fixated on discovering a hidden power source buried beneath the Hogwarts castle.