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How to Post Multiple Photos on Facebook From Web


This article will guide you through the process of uploading multiple photographs to Facebook at the same time by utilizing a web browser.

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How to Post Multiple Photos on Facebook From Web

You can upload and post multiple images to Facebook all at once by using a computer browser to do so. When you carry out this operation on your device, you should see the following results:

1. You can input a status before or after selecting Photo/Video in the status area; however, you must do it before clicking the Post button. You are free to choose this option whenever you like.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Facebook From Web

2. Explore the discs on your computer to discover the image you wish to highlight, and then click on the drive to highlight it. On a Mac, you can select many images at once by holding down the Shift key or the Command key, and on a PC, you can select multiple images at once by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting multiple photos to publish. Each picture needs to be pushed to the forefront of attention.

3. Select Open.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Facebook From Web

4. When you click the Open button, a box will appear on Facebook where you may change your status. This box will display thumbnails of the images you have selected. You are welcome to leave a comment in the space allotted for the status if you have anything to say about the photographs. Simply write your thoughts there.

5. If you want to add more photographs to the post, you can do so by selecting the option that looks like a plus sign.

6. Check out the extra options that are available to you, such as tagging friends, applying stickers, adding your feelings or an activity, or checking in with the location that you are currently at.

7. When you are ready, select the Share option from the menu.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Facebook From Web

 If you choose to implement this tactic, your friends’ and followers’ News Feeds will only show the first five images that you have uploaded to your account. They will see a number followed by a plus sign, which denotes that there are additional images for them to view in the gallery.


How do I make my Facebook images private so that only my friends can see them?

Click the three dots that are situated in the upper right corner of the post on Facebook, and then select Edit post audience from the drop-down option that comes after you do so. This will hide the photo that you have open on Facebook that you do not want others to see. You will need to pick the down arrow that is located at the very bottom of the post in order to send a photo to your friends. This may be found at the very bottom of the post.

What are the steps to removing a photo from my Facebook account?

To delete a photo from Facebook, select the three dots > Delete from the drop-down menu. Go to the Albums tab, choose the album you want to delete, and then click the three dots followed by Delete from the menu that appears. You also have the option of concealing photographs without deleting them.