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How to Rank Up in Overwatch 2


Even though Overwatch 2 has been available for more than a month, there is still a significant distance to travel for many players who are working their way up the ranks. When it comes to ranks, skill tier divides, and the many competitive rank modes, Overwatch 2 introduces a great deal of new content. You have to be familiar with every aspect of the competitive mode in Overwatch 2 in order to achieve better ranks in the mode. You will learn how to advance in ranks in Overwatch 2 by reading this post. So let’s get started:

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How to Rank Up in Overwatch 2

You will be ranked into one of the tiers according to your performance once you have competed in a few competitive games. On the other hand, if you lose twenty games and win seven of them, you can move up or down a tier. If you have a winning record of 6 games but a losing record of 19, your next match will determine your new position in the game. In addition, the distance between the number of games you’ve won and those you’ve lost will be used to determine the rank you move to. Therefore, a player who starts out in Bronze II and then goes on to win seven straight matches without suffering any defeats or ties will progress further than a player who starts out in Bronze II and then suffers defeats in between.

These various skill tiers are restricted to only being able to compete against other players who are two skill tiers below them. This means, for example, that a player with the Silver tier can compete against people with the Gold and Platinum tiers, but not Diamond players. For games at the master level, players are limited to competing against others at the same level, while grandmasters can compete against only those ranked in the top 500 or higher.

How to Rank Up in Overwatch 2

If you want to go up the ranks in competitive play, you need to prioritize having a strong team composition and be prepared to experiment with different strategies with your squad. If you win six matches in the support role and then win the seventh and final match in the tank role, you will not be promoted since the tank win will count toward your overall tank win total rather than your support win total. This is because the rankings for each role are different; hence, your rating will be determined by the role that the hero plays.

Be wary of your positioning at all times, since being frequently cut off might lead to an increased number of deaths and, in the end, the loss of the game. This is another prevalent strategy for climbing the ranks. The layout of the competitive mode may cause you to remain in the same tier for an extended period of time because it is so simple to drop a lot of points. You should also retain an open line of contact with the other members of your team and watch the replays.

Competitive Points

In Overwatch 2, players can earn golden weapons by accruing a certain number of Competitive Points. In order to earn competitive points in Overwatch 2, players must finish a ranked season, whether they win, lose, or draw their matches. If you win, you will receive 15 points, and if you tie, you will receive 5 points. The following is a breakdown of the competition points that can be gained for finishing in each rated skill tier at the end of the season:

  • Bronze: 65 points
  • Silver: 125 points
  • Gold: 250 points
  • Platinum: 500 points
  • Diamond: 750 points
  • Master: 1,200 points
  • Grandmaster: 1,750 points
  • Top 500: 1,750 points


What Is Competitive Play in Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, the ranking system is called Competitive Play. Matches in Competitive Play are made between players of similar ability and experience. There are a total of five divisions within each tier (except for the Top 500), ranked from 5 to 1 from highest to lowest, and each player’s rank is updated after each win or defeat. Placements, also known as Competitive Play qualification, are a series of games used to establish your ability level and assign you to the appropriate tier of play so that you can compete with teammates and opponents of a comparable skill level. After you’ve gone through placements, you’ll be put in a specific skill group.

When Can You Play Ranked in Overwatch 2?

After competing in and winning 50 rounds of Quick Play in Overwatch 2, you will be granted access to the Competitive Play mode. At this time, you will be able to play ranked matches.

What Is the Overwatch 2 Competitive Play Challenge?

In order to complete the Overwatch 2 Competitive Play challenge, you will need to play and win a total of 50 Quick Play matches.