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How to Get Broom Upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy


In the vast majority of open world games, gaining enough experience to level up your firearms, equipment, or spells requires a lot of grinding through the game. The good news is that upgrading your broom in Hogwarts Legacy is really simple and straightforward. It is easy for players to become lost in the weeds as they explore every nook and cranny of a carefully built fantasy world that is situated in the Harry Potter universe in the most recent action-RPG from Avalanche Software. There is so much to do in the game, and it is set in the Harry Potter universe. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to obtain broom upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Broom Upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy

Broom Upgrade 1:

You will be assigned a side quest called Flight Test by Albie Weekes at Sprintwitches shortly after completing the Jackdaw’s Rest main goal early on in your adventure. In this side quest, you will be tasked with competing in a race against a student from Slytherin who goes by the name Imelda Reyes.

How to Get Broom Upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy

To complete this side quest, which is simply a race against Imelda against the clock, you will need to come out on top in order to get the first Broom Upgrade. You shouldn’t have too much trouble beating her; all you need to do is work on aligning your broom with the spherical golden orbs to give you a speed boost during the race, and you’ll soon be able to triumph over this obstacle. You are in luck because even if you finish last in the race, you will still have a chance to compete again and earn the Broom Enhancement.

Broom Upgrade 2:

As with the last upgrade, the next one requires you to compete against Imelda Reyes in a broom race while Albie Weekes continues to collect data from the previous races in order to develop the Broom Enhancements. This particular quest is known by its English name, Sweeping the Competition. If you are able to prevail in Imelda’s Broom Trial, you will be granted access to the subsequent Broom Upgrade. The catch is that this time, Albie informs the player that he’ll “let them know” when the Broom Upgrade is ready to be collected because he needs some time to engineer it. This is due to the fact that Albie requires some time to construct it. Because of this, a few of the players are currently feeling somewhat perplexed.

How to Get Broom Upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy

However, before you can gain access to the second Broom Upgrade, you will first need to finish all of the primary plot missions that are available in the game. In point of fact, you are going to have to complete the twenty-fifth main objective in the game, which is titled In the Shadow of the Estate, before you are able to upgrade your broom to Broom Upgrade 2. When you have successfully completed this particular main quest, Albie will send you a letter through the Owl Post informing you that the second upgrade is now available for you to collect.

Broom Upgrade 3:

To get Broom Upgrade 3, you will once again need to win a broom race against Imelda, just like you had to do for the previous two upgrades. In a similar vein, you won’t be able to access the third and final side quest that leads to the acquisition of Broom Upgrade 3 until you make progress in the main story. The third and final time trial is known as the Coastal Broom Trial and takes place further from Hogwarts Castle than the two time trials that came before it.

How to Get Broom Upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy

In a manner analogous to that of the second Broom Upgrade, Albie will write you a letter that will be delivered by Owl Post to inform you when the third and final Broom Upgrade is ready to be picked up.


Can you customize your broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

Personal choice is the most important factor to consider while customizing your broom, and the only time you’ll notice a difference in the brooms is after you’ve updated them. Choose the design that appeals to you the most, and then take your totally personalized broom with you as you explore the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy.

What is the fastest broom in Hogwarts?

The Firebolt is equipped with Braking Charm and has the highest top speed, clocking in at 150 miles per hour in under 10 seconds.

Can you go evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

On the other hand, it is not possible to play the role of a true bad guy in Hogwarts Legacy. The objective of the game is to set the player on the route to completing a mission that will result in the world being saved, and your character is the only one who can make this happen.

Can you use Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avada Kedavra is one of these unforgivable curses; and yes, the killing spell is included in Hogwarts Legacy, and you have the ability to cast it. Although we do not recommend making use of the dreadful spell, it is extremely effective in the game and will come in useful when going up against difficult foes because it is a one-hit kill curse.

Can I be a Death Eater in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avalanche’s game, Hogwarts Legacy, is a smash hit, and it allows users to role-play as Death Eaters. Avalanche’s game is a great success.