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How to Record and Share a Twitter Space Audio Recording


Twitter Spaces are not recorded by default; in order to keep a record of them, you will need to enable recording before you begin using a Space. After the conclusion of the Space, you will be able to send a tweet or a direct message including a link to the recording. However, you also have the option to save the audio file. Learn how to make an audio recording in Twitter Space and share it with others here.

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How to Record and Share a Twitter Space Audio Recording

1. Launch the Twitter app on your iOS or Android device and follow the on-screen instructions to create a Twitter Space. After tapping and holding the plus sign, select the space icon from the menu.

How to Record and Share a Twitter Space Audio Recording

2. Give your Space a name and, if you so like, add topics; after that, swipe the button to the right to activate the record function for your Space. If it’s necessary, read the recording your space instructions in their entirety, and then tap I got it.

How to Record and Share a Twitter Space Audio Recording

3. When you are prepared, select the Start immediately option to begin hosting your Space.

4. When you have finished using your Space, hit the End button located in the upper right corner of the Space window, and then tap the Yes, end button to confirm.

5. In the recording pop-up box, you have the ability to change the start time of your recordin (handy for avoiding dead air before the speech starts) (handy for eliminating dead air before the talking starts). Tap the menu button with the three dots on it, and then select Edit start time. After that, start playing the recording and move the drag bar that’s located at the bottom of the window to the point where you want the recording to begin. Tap the Set start time button that is located above the slider once you have determined the start time to your satisfaction.

How to Record and Share a Twitter Space Audio Recording

6. Select the Share option, and then select the method by which you would like to share a link to the recording with others. You have the option of sending a direct message, tweeting a link, or sharing it in other ways such as by text messaging.


How do you download someone else’s space on Twitter?

You may easily download recordings from Twitter Spaces, both your own and those of other users, by employing the services of a third-party downloader. In most cases, downloading a recording from Twitter Space just requires three steps when using a downloader. You can locate some desktop and web downloaders for Twitter videos by doing a search on Google for “Twitter video downloader.”

How do you save a voice clip?

To access chat or Messenger, click the icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Find the message that contains the audio recording or clip that you would like to download, and select it. You can download the audio clip by clicking the three dots that are located next to it. After choosing the location where you’d like the audio to be saved, click the “Save” button.

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Are twitter spaces popular?

Lessons Learned for Business Marketers

Despite the fact that both systems offer a significant number of the same capabilities, Twitter Spaces is more widely used. In comparison, Clubhouse is claimed to have only 4.9 million daily active members. The platform in question has more than 200 million monetizable daily active users.