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How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC


The video game Minecraft is widely considered to be among the very best of all time. It is a sandbox game with an open-world setting in which users can create their own planets. It has always been practically every gamer’s good book, but there are instances when you may find yourself deleting Minecraft from your own computer. This may be for one of two reasons: either to change your concentration to a far more productive field, or simply to free up some storage space. This post will walk you through the process of reinstalling Minecraft on a computer running Windows. So let’s get started:

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How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC

1. In the event that you have only recently installed Minecraft for the very first time, and it appears that you run into some troubles, performing a clean reinstallation of the game is likely to cure the issue for you. However, before you can reinstall the game on your computer, you will first need to remove it from your computer entirely.

2. To begin, launch File Explorer on your own computer by either double-clicking the “This PC” icon located on your desktop or by pressing the Windows key and the E key simultaneously on your keyboard. There are two ways to launch File Explorer.

How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC

3. After that, in the window for File Explorer, select the “Address bar” by either clicking on it or simultaneously pressing the Alt and D buttons on your keyboard in order to put the emphasis to it. After that, in the URL bar, type %AppData%, and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard to open the directory.

How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC

4. Now, navigate to the directory labelled “AppData,” find the “.minecraft” folder, and right-click on it to bring up the menu of available options for that folder. After that, to remove the directory from your computer, select the “Trash” icon that is located in the upper area of the window.

How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC

5. After that is finished, go to your computer’s Start menu and search for Minecraft Launcher using the search bar there. After that, among the list of search results, select the ‘Minecraft Launcher’ tile to begin using the application.

How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC

6. After that, in order to access the game, you will be required to sign in with your Microsoft account; to do so, click on the button labelled “Microsoft Login.” This will log you in to your Xbox account.

How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC

7. After you have successfully joined in, navigate to the left sidebar and select the Minecraft tile that corresponds to the edition of the game that you prefer to play. Then, when you are ready to begin playing Minecraft on your computer running Windows 11, select the ‘Play’ button from the menu.

How to Reinstall Minecraft on Windows PC


Why won t Minecraft Java install?

During the installation process, firewalls and antivirus programmes might occasionally be a source of trouble. In the event that you are experiencing difficulties installing Minecraft, you might want to try temporarily disabling the aforementioned types of programmes and then reinstalling the game afterward.

Is Bedrock Edition free?

If you’ve never purchased Minecraft before, you can now obtain both the Java and Bedrock editions of the game for a single cheap fee. This version of Minecraft for the PC is also known as Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition. If you have previously purchased Minecraft, you are now eligible to receive the other edition at no additional cost.

What Minecraft Edition is free?

Simply going to the address in your web browser will allow you to play Minecraft without charge and without the need to download or instal anything.

Is Minecraft free on Google?

Downloading Minecraft is a breeze on mobile devices running Android and iOS. You may get the free version of the game by going to the Google Play Store on your Android phone and downloading it there.

Can Java players get bedrock for free?

Mojang Studios, the company that developed Minecraft, has published today the new Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition for PC. This edition combines the Java and Bedrock versions of the game into a single package for convenience. Even better, players of Minecraft who already own either the Java or the Bedrock edition of the game will not have to spend any additional money to acquire the other version of the game.

Does Minecraft purchase expire?

The Minecraft Marketplace makes it simpler and more secure to purchase stuff that was created by the Minecraft community. You only need to make a single purchase to have unrestricted access to the content across all of your mobile, Xbox, and Windows devices. Every purchase that you make is connected to the account that you have.