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How to Remove Followers on Twitter


Using Twitter’s new “Remove this follower” tool, you may quickly and easily remove someone from your list of followers without having to ban them. This functionality is not accessible in the Twitter mobile app, but it is available by accessing Twitter in your web browser, which can be accessed from an Android phone or tablet as well as an iPhone or iPad. How to unfollow someone from Twitter without blocking them, as well as how to block a follower so that they cannot follow you again in the future, will be covered.

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How to Remove Twitter Followers

An change to Twitter’s software released in October 2021 makes it simpler to delete followers without banning them. It was previously necessary to employ a workaround that entailed banning and rapidly unblocking the follower they wished to unfollow in order to do this.

1.Open the Twitter app on a web browser such as Edge, Brave, Firefox, or Chrome to see the latest tweets from your followers. Any web browser will suffice in this case.

2.Navigate to the account of the individual from whom you desire to delete them.

3.More options are available (the three horizontal dots).

4.Select Remove this follower.

How to ‘Soft Block’ Followers on iOS and Android

A workaround known as a “soft block” must be used if you are using Twitter on a mobile device and wish to remove followers from your profile. Essentially, it entails blocking someone and then swiftly unblocking them so that they are compelled to unfollow you. Here’s how you go about it:

1.Open the navigation menu and choose your profile image from the drop-down list.

2.Followers should be chosen. Continue to go through your list, personally blocking and then unblocking any account that you don’t want to be followed by others.

3.Select a follower’s account from your Followers list to be sent to that person’s profile.

4.In the upper-right corner, click on the three ellipsis icon to open a menu.

5.Select Block from the drop-down menu.

6.On the confirmation page, select the option to Block.

7.Tap Unblock. The account is now unblocked, but the person is no longer following you.

How to Protect Your Tweets

If you unfollow someone, there is nothing to prohibit them from following you again in the future. However, if you choose to safeguard your tweets, you will need to approve each and every new follow request. Here’s how it’s done:

1.More is available on the left-hand side menu whether you’re using Windows 10 or the online version of Twitter. If you’re using an Android or iOS device, you may skip to the next step.

2.Select Settings and privacy > Privacy and security from the drop-down menu.

3.Protect your tweets by turning on the feature. Using the online version, select Protect your Tweets, and then confirm your selection by selecting Protect once more. You must personally approve each new follower before they can access your post as a result of this setting, which makes your Twitter account private.

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