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How To Reply To a Message on Instagram


In a huge group Instagram DM, it’s easy to lose track of what’s being said. Responding immediately to a particular message can help to clarify your message’s meaning. In this guide, we’ll show you how to react immediately to messages in Instagram DMs on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Instagram’s cross-platform messaging upgrade includes the option to react directly to a single message. You may activate it from the app’s Settings menu if you don’t already have it.

How To Reply To a Message on Instagram

Tap the hamburger menu icon in the upper-right corner of the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device to access your “Profile” settings. To do this, go to Settings > Messaging and hit the Update Messaging button.

How To Reply To a Message on Instagram

Select the “Update” option.

Tap “Messenger” in the top-right corner of the Instagram home screen to begin using Instagram’s “Messenger” feature.

Choose a conversation.

Locate a message to which you’d want to react here. Let go of the message when you see a reply option. Swipe left to respond to a message you sent yourself.

Pressing and holding a message and tapping the “Reply” button is an alternative method of replying.

The original message will now appear on top of the text field. You will be able to correlate your current answer to the precise message that you received.

Now that you’ve typed your answer, click “Send” to send it.

Responses appear at the top of each message, making it clear to everyone what you were replying to.

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Why is it that I can’t respond to a certain message on Instagram?

You may also use the following approach to react to a particular message that someone has sent you on Instagram: To upgrade the version of direct message you use, go to the profile page of your account, then click Settings. Choose “Update Messaging.” Hit the top right corner of your screen to access your direct messages and then tap the back button to return to your feed.

How exactly does one respond to a certain message on Instagram using an iPhone?

To get started with Instagram, launch the “Instagram” app on your mobile device, and then choose the “Messenger” icon that appears in the upper-right hand corner of the Instagram home screen. Pick a discussion to participate in. Find a message that you wish to react to and bring it up here. Swipe to the right on the message until you see a button to respond to it, and then let go of the screen.

On the iPhone version of Instagram, how do you respond to a direct message?

Launch the “Instagram” app on your mobile device, and after it’s open, go to the top-right corner of the home screen to choose the “Messenger” option. Pick one of the conversations. Locate the message to which you want to reply in this area. To respond to a message, swipe right until you see a reply button, and then let go of the screen.